Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger and the Brokeback Story

Well this should take the edge off all those Brokeback Mountain spoofs.

They won't be able to mock Heath Ledger anymore.

Or they shouldn't..... but they will. Because they weren't really mocking him. They were mocking OUR love.

As for me I just feel sad. What a tragic end for a promising young actor. When I heard the news I couldn't help think what his real gay cowboy friend is going to say.

"It takes courage and it takes strength and it takes that inner person to take hold and not worry what Tom or Harry down the road thinks. But it's hard, you're standing on your own island, singing your own song. I wouldn't have done the things I've done if I had come out earlier in life. It would have changed the paths I took and it wouldn't have been the same. That's what makes it your life."

I remember how I felt when Brokeback Mountain came out. How I was disappointed by the movie....and angered by the neverending parodies.

But also how I respected Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal for having the guts to play gay cowboys in love.

I was lucky.... I found my true love. Heath Ledger apparently looked for it all over Hollywood. Found it. And then lost her.

So I can only hope that this reviewer is wrong.

Ledger leaves behind a career of great promise, a too small body of films and the sense that he never admired his work as much as others did.

I hope he WAS proud of his work...because he didn't do too bad. He was a promising and gutsy young actor.

And that little Brokeback movie will always be special to us..... long after the parodies are forgotten.

Bigger than it really was. And now even sadder....

Bye bye cowboy. Cue the sunset.

The movie is over.

Life goes on...


P.S. Guess who is planning to picket Ledger's funeral?


  1. Heath Ledger – a talented young Oscar nominated actor who leaves behind a powerful legacy of courage, understanding, love and compassion, and, whose untimely death is a sad and tragic loss to the world. See more here

    Picketing funeral – effective way to demonstrate utter moral bankruptcy, activity taken up by those who waste space above ground, associated with after lobotomy activity, limited to those whos’ shoe size is large than their IQ.

  2. It really shocked me when i heard this,he iimpressed me greatly in BBM.i get what he show is real lover power across SEX.

  3. Hi Sassy!!! yeah I'm glad people are recognizing Ledger's talent and giving him credit for taking on challenging roles.
    And I was glad to see that Fox commentator had to apologize publicly after mocking his death in a homophobic way? What a sicko.
    As for the Phelps...just when you think it's impossible for that diseased klan to sink any lower...they do.

  4. Hi Ur!!!! Was BBM a hit in China? Wow. Yes it's sad isn't it? Also, although I didn't like the film that much...I think that some straight people were moved to see that gay lovers are EVERYWHERE...so I think Heath will always be recognized for having done some good.
    The good always die young. Except me I hope!!! :)

  5. I'd be interested to know why you were disappointed in the film, Simon. Did you read the original short story by Annie Proulx?

    And did you know that Ledger's performance was inspired by his uncle, who fled Australia as a young gay man and lived in Nevada during the time period depicted by the film?

  6. hi DeBeauxOs.... maybe depressed would have been a better word. I am just so tired of mainstream movies where gay people either get killed or commit suicide. It's been forty years since Stonewall and I would like to see a movie where the gay heroes polish off the bad guys and ride off happily into the sunset. That's why they call them the movies eh?
    That being said, although I have never read the book, I think Annie Proulx is a genius. I was deeply moved by the shirts in the cupboard, because as I once wrote in a post about my Brokeback story I have a special pair of working gloves.
    And thank you for that detail about Heath Ledger, because I admired his courage in playing the role, and I'm so sorry he died...