Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Can the Clintons Clean Up their Act?

Hillary and Bill Clinton have been so vilified for their good cop bad cop routine, I'm surprised somebody hasn't started comparing them to Evita and Juan Peron.

You know...she sang and wept for the masses to get them to vote for her. While he beat up those who didn't.

But now that Billo has been burned for playing the race card.

I wonder if they'll take a softer tack, and run a different kind of campaign ad.

To prove that the Clinton Consortium can CLEAN UP its act.

Hmmm. I'm not sure..

The black guy is BRILLIANT. Enough to cause a run on sheets and hoods.

The feminist angle is also good. Takes no shit ....sleeps with who she wants to ....not too PROUD to do the laundry.

But the horny slob wandering around in his underpants would probably remind too many people of Bill. And his har-monica. And that's such an UGLY tune.

So look for both campaigns to become more positive.

Look for the Clintons to start praising Obama... Bin Hussein .... for going to a madrassah and NOT becoming a terrorist. And for doing drugs with a black street gang but not becoming a JUNKIE.

Look for Obama to respond in kind by praising Hillary for wanting the U.S. to have two Presidents in the Whitey House....and for having the strength of character to put naked ambition BEFORE her lust for power.

And of course by thanking Bill...over and over again.... for SERVICING the nation.

Even if he was impeached....and had to give up the har-monica.

Don't cry for me Amerika.

This one ain't over yet....


  1. Anonymous6:43 PM

    OMG! I love that video! What a great choice.

    You must spend more time on Youtube than I do.

  2. Hi Bruce!!! I'm glad you liked it. I stumbled upon it on some gay blog. Actually I don't spend as much time as I used to on Youtube. There is just too much shite to wade through unless you're looking for something specific.
    So....since I'm lazy...I depend on others to do the hard work for me... :)