Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Sad Story of Knut the Polar Bear

Remember little Knut....the darling of the Berlin Zoo?

How everybody went crazy over him until he grew up and suddenly he wasn't quite so cute.

And then people stopped coming to see him ..... even though he missed them.

So now they're calling him a psycho.

"He is a problem bear, who will never mate and has become addicted to human company and their delighted applause.

"He howls and cries if there's no one out there to show off to [you can hear him from the zoo entrance], and as soon as spectators come, he calms down and starts performing. It's like a circus."

Some of his former fans have turned against him.

Anti-Knut graffiti started popping up on Berlin walls. An internet game was launched challenging players to compete for "Knut steaks" and earn 300 points every Knut they blasted with a shotgun.

And it's not going to get any better.

"He's still young and playful but it's already affecting him mentally and physically and soon he'll just pace about all day and the public won't like that quite so much."

The zoo made a heap of money....the fans went crazy over him. And then deserted him.

Now all we have is a poor sad bear.

Who still looks cute to me.

And three obvious conclusions:

The road to hell ... for humans and sometimes paved with good intentions.

Humans are a really fucked up species.

And bears don't belong in zoos...


JJ said...

Awwwwww! :(

Poor Knut, but it was bound to happen when they started hyping him so much. I hope he can get a bigger enclosure, maybe in a sanctuary away from the zoo, and somehow live a happy life ... he wouldn't do well if released in the wild.

I agree with you though, I still think he's pretty damn cute.

Karen V. Stefanini said...

Separating precious Knut from his mother, Mr. Doerflein was unnecessary and cruel. They don't maul their moms. In the wilds they stay with them for 2 1/2 years and receive 24/7 reassuring cuddles and nurturing. This separation will cause developmental damage surely. They belong in a bear friendly savvy environment where they can entertain fans and bring in much needed revenue. Bears are being found by some researchers to be as intelligent as the great apes and it doesn't surprise me after observing Knut's clever antics on YOUTUBE and WEBSHOTS.