Thursday, January 17, 2008

Afghanistan: The Farce and The Tragedy

Whatever Pentagon bum boy Peter MacKay says about this stinging slap in the face.

U.S. Defence Secretary Robert Gates wasn't talking about Canada when he verbally attacked the skills of the allied troops working in southern Afghanistan, Defence Minister Peter MacKay said Wednesday.

Don't believe a word of it. What the Pentagon Death Machine REALLY think about our troops....and the British and the Dutch... can be summed up in one paragraph in this story.

"The wide view there, which I hear from Americans, is that the NATO military forces are taking on a Soviet mentality," said one senior U.S. military veteran of Afghanistan. "They're staying in their bases in the south, they're doing very little patrolling, they're trying to avoid casualties, and they're using air power as a substitute for ground infantry operations, because they have so little ground infantry."

So much for our glorious mission. So much for all that rah rah Hockey Night in Afghanistan jingo bullshit. Now we've got a "Soviet mentality." Now my U.S. Marine cousins are calling us the Chicken Force.

Which is infuriatingly unfair but EXACTLY where I knew we would end up. In the rubble of our reconstruction effort. Caught between the kill them all and let God sort them out approach of the Americans.

And the last gasp Soviet approach of hunkering down...and when in the slightest trouble calling in the Flying Bomb Boys.

Just like the Americans do all the time.

The irony is we used to criticize the Americans for their use of air power. Now they're accusing NATO of doing the same thing....and of fucking up the war for the hearts and minds of the poor Afghans.

Can you believe THAT ? How far has this doomed mission fallen?

But of course it was all so PREDICTABLE. The bravery of our troops was NEVER going to make up for their lack of numbers.

The question is who to believe now ?The Bush stooge Peter MacKay.... who assures us that everything is under control. That our troops have the Taliban on the run. And that victory is around the corner.

Even if the enemy is in the heart of Kabul.

Or the Pentagon War Lords who think our brave fighting force is about as formidable and as RISK AVERSE as this mighty army....

To be continued Pakistan. Where Stephane Dion gets to slap Mullah Omar. Once.

Which I guess would be funny if Trooper Renaud wasn't on his way home tonight. So much for the Chicken Force.

Oh Afghanistan. Sometimes a farce.

Always a tragedy...

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