Saturday, January 19, 2008

What A Harper Majority Would Look Like

Ever since I began blogging I've been been desperately seeking a way to illustrate what could happen to Canada... and to decent Canadians ...if our sinister angry leader Stephen Harper ever won a majority.

I've tried EVERYTHING.... stick drawings....crude photoshops....bad music videos. I even tried to make a short movie that takes place entirely in a morgue that doubles as a crematorium. On a busy day. But it wasn't HORRIBLE enough.

But now I've think I've FINALLY found it.!!!!!

Think of the nasty neocons as the Japanese Giant Hornets.

And Canada as the beehive.... maybe the crazy Hornet Harper is too FAT to fly. But you get the idea.

If we want to make sure OUR pupae have a future.

We've got to squish these Con bugs.

Before they destroy the hive...


Anonymous said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! them thar hornets are as scary as the cons....good choice :)

am on high speed wireless tonight so can actually cruise my fave blogs. going camping tomorrow on a beach with spinner dolphins in the bay ....yay!!!!

Simon said...

Hi Scoutie!!! They ARE scary aren't they? They reminded me of Darth Vader and his gang.

But what did I tell you about rubbing it in that you're in Hawaii...when I'm here UGH...

Still say hi from me to the dolphins.I once swam with them off a beach in South America and it was GREAT !! :)