Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Inconvenient Truths and the Oil Pimps

Some inconvenient truths I jotted down on the back of a cigarette pack on my way to work...

(1) We CAN slash greenhouse gases with very little economic pain.

But we WON'T.

Because John Baird is an idiot.

Although the Harper government asked the round table for its advice in 2006, Environment Minister John Baird quickly dismissed the carbon tax proposal as a "Liberal idea"...."Every time a report comes out, you can't change your mind."

Because the Alberta oil pimp Stephen Harper LOVES this dirty big black hole.

More than he loves this country.

And of course, because WE love our cars too much.

(2) Stephen Harper's Con government should immediately demand that Omar Khadr be brought home from Guantanamo. Before the civilized world thinks even LESS of us than it already does.

"This is the first time in history that a child has been prosecuted for war crimes...This is just horrific. I think it reflects badly on the way the world should go in its protection of children. We should be seeking out and trying to, as the UN has done in many initiatives, to stamp out child soldiers."

But WON'T.... because the Harper Republicans don't want to lose any blow job points with the Bush and Cheney war criminals.

And not enough Canadians are demanding that Canada act like a real country....or do the right thing.... just because they hate the crazy Khadr family.

(3) After two years in power....and despite all kinds of cheap tricks, expensive promises, and billions of dollars in bribes... Stephen Harper still can't deliver.

But neither can the opposition.They're too busy fighting themselves. Instead of putting Canada ahead of their narrow partisan interests...and fighting the common enemy.

And the cold hard fact is until the left unites....or forms a coalition....one third of Canadians will continue to hold the other two thirds hostage.

(4) The Bloc is going nowhere. But since the Conservatives are the second choice of most Bloc voters.

The anti-Harper forces are going to have to hope that this over the hill separatist without a cause does well in the next election....


Anyone know how to blow up a lead balloon?

I know the truth will set us free.

But how much of THIS kind of truth can we handle?


P.S. One more inconvenient truth.... You know how some nasty right-wingers like to go on about Quebecers, the Muslim Menace, and the invasion of the brown people?

Well I hope they recognize the sacrifice of Warrant Officer Hani Massouh. Who was born in Alexandria, Egypt. Served his country for twenty years all over the world.

And died a Canadian hero. Along with his buddy Cpl. Eric Labbé...from Rimouski.

Just so they remember...

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