Sunday, January 06, 2008

Mike Huckabee and the Republic of Jebesus

I've been trying to stay away from the U.S. presidential campaign because quite frankly any kind of rotten partisan politics at this gloomy time of the year is always a bad idea. Grubby ambition and frigid despair is such a bad mix.

But also because just as in this country I support the Anyone But Stephen Harper Party the U.S. I support the Anyone Who Can Kick the Bastard Republicans into the Garbage Can of History candidate.

For me it's only the end result that counts.

So in that regard I was delighted today to see that my absolutely fave Republican candidate Mike "Shining Cross" Huckabee thinks that being gay might or might not be a choice...OR necrophilia.

But gay "behaviour" is DEFINITELY a sin.

But don't hold that against him he says. Because ALL Americans are sinners.....

Wow....that's even BETTER than I thought.

In President Huckabee's Republic of Jebesus not only do the gay boys get to look....pant a lot... but not touch anyone....except presumably themselves.

So do straight UNMARRIED Americans.

America...once a nation of doers. Now a nation of WANKERS!!!!

Blessed Monkey can have all the bananas you want. But PLEASE make No Fuck Huck the Republican candidate.

So in the middle of the campaign as he tries desperately to defend his Huck and Chuck Funny Money Tax Plan. And explain why he wants the United States to be even MORE broke than it already is.

He can be also be asked this troubling question: If a "good Christian" Huck fuck can create a monster like this one?

Shouldn't the "good Christians" ALSO be forced to give up sex?

I mean huck a duck ....if the Free Americans could put the Bastard Republicans AND the Christian Wankers in the garbage can of history .... at the same time.

Wouldn't that be AWESOME?

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