Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Neanderthals and the Humans

Uh oh...don't tell the crazy creationists...but the ugly argument over how humans happened just got even uglier....or hairier.

A new study by a Canadian professor suggests that not only did humans evolve from monkeys .... they also evolved from neanderthals.

Modern humans may well have evolved from hardy Neanderthals who suffered through a dramatic cold spell that descended on Europe about 40,000 years ago, according to a new study that throws another coal into the already heated scientific debate about our origins.

But really is ANYONE surprised? First they tell us the neanderthals shared 99.5 % of our genes. But they were COMPLETELY different. Then we're told they couldn't talk.

And then that maybe they could.

Neanderthals, an archaic human species that dominated Europe until the arrival of modern humans some 45,000 years ago, possessed a critical gene known to underlie speech, according to DNA evidence retrieved from two individuals excavated from El Sidron, a cave in northern Spain.

Which makes me wonder when they told us the neanderthals were too dum to make clothes... so they all froze to death.

Does than mean that now we should thank the hairy brutes for teaching us not only how to kill with a club ... but also how to SEW?

And if you add it all up how DIFFERENT from us were they?

Just as I figured.

Or feared.

You know if this hairy love story continues.... I wouldn't be surprised if people stopped using the word neanderthal as an insult quite as much as they do.

Or if men stopped shaving their chests. Or women stopped shaving their legs.

Cave-a-bunga! Never mind the evolutionary implications.

Wouldn't THAT be awesome?


P.S. I STILL believe that the real reason humans sometimes act like brutes....and have so many sexual hangups.... is that our monkey ancestors went with the chimps instead of the bonobos.

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