Monday, December 31, 2007

My Gay Year and the Wonders of the Universe

Just a few hours to go before 2007 limps off into history. But I hardly have the energy to write about it. It was THAT kind of year.

The planet continued to burn.... its inhabitants continued to kill each other in the name of religion....millions continued to die of disease and starvation when there was more than enough medicine and food to save them.

Stephen Harper's Con government continued to disgrace Canada all over the world. The religious wingnuts continued to come after us like rabid flying monkeys. And everything just got meaner, dummer, and crazier.

So instead of my Top Ten Depressing News Stories of about the Top Ten Astronomy Photos?

To remind us what a wonder our little blue planet is..... in a magnificent but threatening universe. And why if we don't do more to save it...we don't really DESERVE IT.

Or how about instead of goosing the Pope for his latest assault on gay people ....and Spain.

I just run this old post.

If only to remember Garcia Lorca's young lover, Rafael Rodriguez Rapun, standing there unafraid firing a rifle at the fascist planes coming to kill him. On the one year anniversary of the day the fascists murdered his Federico.

And remind the religious fanatics that their hatred may continue to kill us...but it will NEVER defeat our love.

Because our cause is just and beautiful. And love conquers all. No matter how long it takes.

Finally I'd like to thank the readers of this humble blog...and all my blogging friends out there for their support and encouragement. And the enjoyment I get from reading their posts or comments.

I also want to thank S├ębastien, my beautiful companion, for putting up with me and my blogging and other misadventures for another year...and for managing to keep me grounded and STILL be the star in my sky.

And I'd like to end this last post of 2007 with a song from a man who was just one of the many innocent victims of the senseless violence that soaked our world in blood again this year.

But whose death almost broke my heart. The late great Lucky Dube.

Which might seem like a down....and not very GAY way to ring out the year.

But isn't really....

Because Lucky lives, reggae is strong, and so are WE.

And all the homophobes and all the hate in the world won't stop OUR struggle against bigotry and violence. Or prevent our final and glorious VICTORY.

Love. Resistance. Justice. Peace.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!


Jay said...

happy new year, frere. may it be better than the old one.

Lept said...

Happy new year to you and S├ębastien:

stay away from grumpy old men and try to behave less like one yourself

JJ said...

Happy New Year, Simon, to you, Sebastien and your little "donkey" Kerouac.

Simon said...

Hi Jay!! Thanks and the same to you. I'm sure it will. At least that's what my George Bush countdown calendar tells me. I wish I had a Stephen harper calendar too. But they don't make them with only three months... :)

Simon said...

Hi Lept!! Thanks and all the best to you and Brian. As for the grumpy old men....(to understand that you have to read a cheeky comment I left on Lept's post about poor Benazir)
But of course I was kidding. I've ALWAYS loved older men.
When I was twelve it was the gardener's it's Sebastien. But do I sound grumpy?
Uh I'm not going to take myself seriously EVER again... :(

Simon said...

Hi JJ!!! Happy New Year to you too!! Sebastien and I had a pretty quiet New Year's Eve.But as for the donkey...he shocked me this morning. He's 12 years old but he romped in the snow like a puppy and tried to mount all the girls!!!
I think he's going to be around for a while... :)