Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rhydian and the End of Gay Culture

His name is Rhydian Roberts....and he's the odds on favourite to win this weekend's final of Britain's hideous but mega X-Factor talent show. As well as the pride of Wales.

And not only that. Something even more meaningful.

For years the conservative gay commentator Andrew Sullivan has gone on and on about the end of gay culture.

Which he once summed up in this paragraph:

Slowly but unmistakably, gay culture is ending ....In fact, it is beginning to dawn on many that the very concept of gay culture may one day disappear altogether. By that, I do not mean that homosexual men and lesbians will not exist--or that they won't create a community of sorts and a culture that sets them in some ways apart--I mean simply that what encompasses gay culture itself will expand into such a diverse set of subcultures that 'gayness' alone will cease to tell you very much about any individual."

But after viewing one of Rhydian's videos recently.... he was forced to admit he might be wrong.

Which he NEVER does.

Until he was saved by the bell. The terrible truth was revealed. Rydian isn't just NOT gay. He's a virgin and a devout Christian!!!

I am not a closet Christian. If someone asks me about it, I will talk about it. I do pray on Saturdays but then I pray every day. But what will be will be, it's God's will and that is a great mental attitude to have."

OMFG. No wonder I prefer the originals....

Now THAT'S gay.

Who else could wear salad bowls on their heads...and make it look avant garde?

Or make you want to join the Red Army.

Sorry Rhydian. Until you get rid of your imaginary friend or trick....and that HIDEOUS Hitler youth haircut.

You can't sing for me dahling.

Who says gay culture is dead?

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