Friday, December 21, 2007

Humpback Whales, iPod Fish, and the Acid Oceans

I was glad to see that international pressure has forced the Japanese to suspend plans to kill humpback whales.

An international outcry led by Australia has forced Japan to backtrack on plans to kill 50 humpback whales as part of an annual 'scientific' whaling programme regarded as a sham by the rest of the world.

And eat Minke whale sushi instead.

Now who is going to save THIS little fish?

From life in an ipod speaker.

"The fish in this thing does not look like it has very long to live and it can barely move...Even if it does live it's not a life worth living ... it's really just a torture box."

To me confining a little fish to a space as tiny as that just to look cool.... is as cruel as exploding a harpoon in the back of an intelligent sentient social creature when you don't need to eat it.

But what do you expect from people too callous, greedy, and ignorant to understand that?

Just like what do you expect from governments that can't even agree that global warming is a catastrophe that threatens us all?

Even as the oceans turn to acid.

The increasing acidity can eat away at the shells of crabs, oysters, clams and nearly microscopic organisms known as krill and pteropods. It also inhibits calcification, the process in which these animals rebuild their shells. Without shells, most of the animals probably would die.

Which could mean NO fish in a world where as many as one billion people depend on it for survival.

And of course no whales either. Protect them now. Wipe them out later.

Oh boy. How can we save the other living creatures who share this planet with us...

If we can't even save ourselves?

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