Monday, December 17, 2007

The Basra Retreat and the Leon of Scotland

I see the British handed over Basra to the Iraqi security forces today, and made it sound like it was some sort of victory.

When in fact the Battle for Basra was more like the siege of Kut Al Amar.

A disaster from start to finish.

I mean just ask the police chief.

"They left me militia, they left me gangsters, and they left me all the troubles in the world...."

OK ..... so maybe he's biased after having survived 20 assassination attempts in six months.

But look what's happening to the women.

Their autopsies revealed painful deaths. One woman found in “a red dress” had a 9mm bullet wound in her left hand, three in her right hand, three in her right upper arm, and three in her back. Two of the women were beheaded, one with a saw.

If anyone can call that victory they must be insane. And The Civil War: The Main Event hasn't even started.

But luckily for the chickenhawks almost nobody in Britain was paying attention today. Or wondering how many lives that "victory" cost....or whether it was worth it. Or how the fuck they are going to get the rest of their shrinking force out before the place explodes.

The big topic of conversation today .... apart from the big football match between Arsenal and Chelsea.... was Saturday night's X-Factor Grand Finale. And how Rhydian....the odds on favourite.

Was beaten by the Leon of Scotland.

Wow. Holy kipper. From Whitburn, to a GAP store in Glasgow, to million dollar stardom...or close to it...

"If he's hoping to buy his mammy a house in the Highlands, he may have to wait a while..."

Now I believe ANYTHING is possible!!!

Except victory in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Oh I know. We all want to believe in miracles.

But sometimes we can't...


P.S. Leon says his idol is our very own Michael Buble!!!! Can you believe THAT????


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