Sunday, December 09, 2007

While the Planet Burns....

John Baird in Bali.

"Our major economic competition is with the United States....You can have unilateral disarmament. Some might call it noble - but it's not necessarily smart."

Michael Ignatieff in Question Period.

"Mr. Speaker, the government is going to Bali refusing to commit to any carbon pollution targets unless everyone signs on. That is like saying, “I won't recycle unless every one does. I won't pick up litter unless everyone does. I won't stop dumping garbage in the lake unless everyone does”. What kind of Canada have we become when that passes for international leadership?"

David Suzuki on the crime against humanity.

"Failure to act is an "intergenerational crime;" we are leaving a mess for our children and grandchildren who had nothing to do with making it, and we are creating a precarious world for the poorest and most vulnerable peoples who were not the cause of the current crisis."

Stephen Harper in his own words.

"We can debate whether or not... CO2 does or does not contribute to global warming. I think the jury is out."

“Kyoto does virtually nothing to deal with pollution and to deal with the quality of the air that we breathe. Let’s forget about this unworkable treaty…. Kyoto’s never going to be passed.”

These Cons must think we're really stupid. And maybe we are.

How else to explain how a modern, civilized, and educated country could elect these climate change deniers and oil pimps to speak in OUR name?

And shame us in the eyes of the world.

It's bad enough that they are brutalizing and ruining the Canada we love.

But if they help sabotage what could be the planet's last chance to avoid catastrophe.

Future generations will NEVER forgive us.

And the shame will go on and on...


Unknown said...

here here! history will show that canada helped lead the road to ruination by the tyrannical leadership of a fat bastard and a pig. good combo - NOT!

Simon said...

Hi Scout...once I thought that Canada could teach the world about a lot of things like peacekeeping, and tolerance, and learning how to bridge our differences. But what these Cons are doing to our reputation around the world is simply too disgusting. And it's going to take a long time to repair the damage...