Monday, December 17, 2007

Mulroney, the Bavarians, and the Fate of Joe Clark

I must admit that after I heard The Bloater Mulroney go on about Der Schnitzel Schreiber's amazing anti-obesity pasta....and his plans to fight the fatty epidemic in the United States...and how he was going to talk to Bill Gates about it .... I kinda lost track of everything else.

I was laughing so hard.

But luckily Andrew Coyne didn't.

Now I have my own list of questions. But the one I want answered the most is....did the government of a right-wing Bavarian jelly roll help bring down Joe Clark? And stick the first knife in the ribs of the Progressive Conservative party.

If you want a sniff of that stinky scandal check out the interview with Walter Wolf here.

Now I never would have voted for Joe Clark. And he does seem to have been one of the dorkiest political leaders in Canadian history. More suited to take on Laurier...than engage in the grubby performance art of modern politics.

But nobody can deny that he is a thoroughly honest and decent man....a great Canadian in the real sense of the word. I wouldn't LIKE it if a Joe Clark style Conservative government ruled this country. But I wouldn't WORRY about it. Because I would be sure the best of our Canadian values would be safe in their hands.

Not endangered as they are now in the hands of the Harper Cons.

So I REALLY want to know how a bunch of right-wing Bavarians interfered in the political life of our country....and greased Brian Mulroney's road to power. And of course WHY ?

And I bet a lot of other Canadians would be interested in finding out more about that too.

So we can better understand why a bunch of politicians went from defending our interests to selling them out.

The Bloater, Der Shnitzel, a televised public inquiry, a grubby Con scandal, AND a history lesson. What MORE can we ask for ?

Roll out the barrel.

It's must be Weihnachten in Kanada....

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