Monday, January 14, 2008

When Progressives Fight Each Other

I didn't really want to get involved in this progressive brawl.

Because I agree with everything JJ says.

And I share Dave's sentiments completely.

I too believe there is no middle ground on this issue. Men should have absolutely NOTHING to say when it comes to whether a woman should have an abortion or not.

And comparing the angry words of feminists to the crazy words and violent actions of those who worship fetuses but don't give a damn about the rights of women and children is ridiculous...and outrageous.

I also believe that there can't be ANY dialogue with these fetus fetishists. Because they believe a Monkey God speaks to them ... and that they OWN the truth.

When in fact they are just regurgitating the Camel Age ignorance of hairy patriarchs who believed women were flowerpots

So I really DON'T have anything more to say about the issue. Except that I now feel I have to..... because two gay bloggers I really admire.... Leonard at Leaping Rabbit and Bruce at Canuck Attitude walked blindly into that minefield.

I was really sorry they did that because in addition to everything else they should have KNOWN what the reaction would be.

I mean how would WE feel if straight men or women criticized US for the way we fight back against OUR enemies? Wouldn't we tell them to fuck right off ? I know I would. And so would all my friends.

But having said that ....I also have to say that it also hurt and disturbed me to see my two blogging friends being attacked like that. As if they were flying fetishists from the court of the Big Blue Bigot....instead of two excellent gay members of the progressive Canadian blogosphere.

And it bothers me that Lept has been so bruised by the confrontation that he has decided to give up blogging.

Because although Leonard can sometimes be a bit blunt and grumpy. He is a thoroughly decent progressive person and brilliant blogger. And while I think he's wrong on this one. He is definitely not THE ENEMY.

So I hope he returns to blogging as soon as he can...because we are only a handful... and we NEED him.

And then there is Bruce .... who is the guy who inspired me to take up blogging.... and I know his heart is always in the right it REALLY upset me to see him under attack. And I'm glad he was able to kiss and make up with those who beat him up.

Even if he bruised MY feelings in the process....

There are no way comparisons between the gay movement and the feminist movement can be made but we often end up being apples and oranges in the same basket. Some gay people might argue with me, but women's issues are far more historically engrained in society than homosexual issues. That also makes them more complex....

Gay as I am I have often thanked my lucky stars that at least I'm a dude because I know it's easier. Coward? Sure, I can't deny it.

I forgive him of course... because I admire AND love him. And I know the tone of some of the attacks must have really hurt him.

But it's probably a good time to remind EVERYONE that the women's movement and the gay movement have a LOT in common.

We are BOTH victims of the patriarchy. We threaten their Old Daddy system that would have straight men on top and women on the making it harder to draw a clear line of men/women discrimination...and fucking up their oppressive gender roles.

That's why they hate us so much.

And while the patriarchy may make life easier for SOME of us....when you come out ....most of us don't get ANY favours from it. Quite the opposite. You get insulted and attacked. And you have to fight for EVERYTHING.

And as for our neverending struggle to have our human rights recognized and end the violence aimed at's just as complex and just as good and important as ANY other struggle .

But then that's the point. We are ALL in this together. Men and women. Gay and straight. All oppressed people. EVERYONE who want a better and more just world.

Yesterday I saw a lot of heat and anger. Some of it admirable. Some of it not. And it upset me to see the progressive side fighting itself instead of fighting the common enemy.

The good news is now that we've had it out we can move on.

Because the REAL enemy is at the gates.

And it's time to fight those bastards...


And of course always time to play this song by one of my favourite Canadian bands.

In case we need to be inspired....

Yup. Some old things are STILL true.

Divided we fail.

United we WHUP them....


sassy said...

Hi Simon,

First things first (as it has been awhile since I dropped by) HAPPY NEW YEAR

Divided we fail.

Anonymous said...

Ok, how did I bruise your feelings? The coward thing? I was only talking about myself. When you think about it, it still a hell of a lot easier to be guy than a gal.

And I didn’t get beat up too bad, I got righteously shot down but nobody ever condemned me and I learned something from it.

Simon said...

Hi Sassy... Happy New Year to you too!!!

Yeah...I'm so tired of seeing progressives bashing themselves...our politicians...the ones in the U.S. and of course the blogosphere.

Not that sharp reminders aren't in order in this case... just save the heavy artillery for our enemies not ourselves...

Simon said...

Hi Bruce...first of all I was just kidding about the bruised part. And it's not the coward thing either. As I said in the post I thought you were generalizing and putting up artificial barriers between people like some of the others were doing with the Women/Man thing. Which is as pointless as the gays good/straights bad one. Even though is so often true.
As for the being a guy is easier thing that again depends on the circumstances. I came out at the age of 12 you came out much later in life. You may have had it easy. I didn't.
But anyway the main thing is that you are OK and none the worse for your spanking. I thought the tone of some it WAS a little over the top...considering who you are and all your work. As I told Sassy we need to save the ammunition for the real enemy. But I'm glad you feel that way. Now all I've got to worry about is Leonard...

Anonymous said...

Well said! Happy New Year! Congrats on the Canadian Blog Award nomination...say, how might someone vote for you? :)

Simon said...

Hi Kenn!! Happy New Year to too!!!!
As for how you can vote for me...first you vote for me on all the different computers you can get your hands know the library or some place like that.The you get all your friends to do the same thing. And their friends too.
As for me I'm just wandering the streets asking people: "Gotta computer? Wanna make ten bucks. It's a bit expensive...but I want my victory to be CONVINCING !!!! :)