Saturday, January 26, 2008

Little Mosque, and Johnzilla Queen of The TransCanada

I don't think I've ever disagreed with my friend Mark. And I don't really want to start now...especially since his brilliant blog is up against mine in the GLBT section of the Canadian Blogging Awards.

And I don't want him to get even MORE votes.

But I thought he was a little too easy on the Little Mosque.

Now I'm sure the skit was quite harmless. And you should be able to laugh at gay people like you laugh at anyone else. But I just gotta say...... I HATE stereotypes.

I think they box people in and keep them down. And in the case of gay people make it harder for kids and others to recognize who they are. Or feel good about themselves.

I mean take this other CBC production...

How is a guy who can't mix or match belts and shoes or socks or whatever....or can't flap his wrists like a butterfly trying to takeoff....or has never shopped for a cheap purse let alone an expensive one...and couldn't interior decorate ANYTHING if my life depended on it ....supposed to feel?

That I'm not gay enough? Huh?

Although if that's what the CBC wants....boy do I have a great pilot for them...

The plot is simple...but dramatic. John Baird, as the Queen Bee Johnzilla, rents a school bus and sets off across the country to sell his phony green plan. He is joined by Kathy "The Dwarf Queen" Shaidle dressed as a nun...who is looking for a place to start a new life.Or just hide.

And by Freda the Climate Change Denier Queen. Who is on a personal mission to find a place in southern Canada where it snows in summer.

And the regulars are joined by others they pick up along the way. Like the seven foot transexual in Winnipeg who takes an instant shining to Shaidle. I think I'll call that steamy episode "Twelve Feet of Passion."

And then there's the arch villain of the series.... Myron Thompson as The Sheriff. Who follows the bus in his police cruiser... and tries to drive it off the road. Except that I'm driving...heh heh heh. So into the ditch he goes. Over and over again.

I mean how can the CBC refuse? More stereotypes and queens than you can count... the magnificence of Canada as a background...low budget car bus chases.... and even MORE daring than Little Mosque!!!!!!

Especially when we arrive in Alberta and the queens must battle rednecks, greenhouse gases AND syphilis.

But seriously....couldn't they just for once portray me and my friends as ordinary guys...who live ordinary lives just like everyone else. Show us saving people on the operating table ...or putting out fires...or driving a bus...or working in a factory....or flying people from city to city.

Or in OUR case just show us hanging out...cursing our bosses....eating too much pizza...drinking too much beer....lamenting the fact that we live in a cold, grey, bloodless country smug with prosperity...and stifling with boredom and mediocrity. Where the Con leader is a nasty control freak. And the Liberal leader is a hopeless dork. And despite the fact that Canada's reputation in the world is sinking like a stone, most Canadians are happy with the way things are So there is no hope. And nothing to do but keep on drinking.

And of course....because we're gay....come up with a whole new DANCE number!

Like these Brazilian guys did. When they got drunk...

Because we do that ALL the time.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


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Or I'll run you over with my bus...

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JJ said...

I guess TV and movies always have to portray things as larger than life extremes to grab peoples' interest. If they were to portray gay people as normal as they are in real life, it would bore the audience. Still, I see your point... It's not helpful to perpetuate stereotypes.

Oh, and thanks for the linkie:)