Friday, April 06, 2007

Saint Bone of Arc and the Religious Frauds

Of all the many indignities I've been subjected to in life having to play the part of a Catholic fanatic in my school's version of George Bernard Shaw's Saint Joan,had to be one of the most humiliating.

Especially since I really wanted to play the part of the tragic heroine/butch dyke .... but didn't get the part because I guess I wasn't gay enough.

So instead of being able to swagger around in armour carrying a sword and talking about freedom and good stuff like that. I had to introduce myself as Brother John Lemaitre Acting Chief Inquisitor into the Evils of Heresy in France....hiss... Blather on about creepy religion. And walk around in a black dress carrying a bible.

So naturally I was interested in this story.

A rib bone supposedly found at the site where French heroine Joan of Arc was burned at the stake is actually that of an Egyptian mummy, according to researchers who used hi-tech science to expose the fake.

Their best guess is that the fake was cooked up in the 19th century, perhaps to boost the process of Joan of Arc's beatification. She was canonized as a saint in 1920 by the Roman Catholic Church.

Mummy Mia! It seems that some habits die hard.

"John Paul II cured me," the 46-year-old nun said Friday, smiling serenely as she spoke for the first time in public about her experience.

"It is difficult for me to explain to you in words . . . It was too strong, too big. A mystery."

Uh oh. Call the Grand Inquisitor. Fire up the barbie. I think we may have another French peasant woman hearing voices in her head.

But then what do expect from religious fanatics who cover up crimes against children? Or justify genocide? Or blow themselves up in the name of their gods? Or think that sexuality is the biggest problem in the world?

When everything they do and believe is just superstition, fakery and fraud

Expert Research Finds Homosexuality More Dangerous Than Smoking....

"The same pattern of early death turned up whether we looked at obituaries in the U.S. or deaths in marriage. Given the greatly reduced lifespan for homosexuals, school children should be strongly and consistently warned about the dangers of homosexuality even more so than smoking."

Paul Cameron, a reviewer for the British Medical Journal, the Canadian Medical Association Journal, and the Postgraduate Medical Journal, has published over 40 scientific articles on homosexuality. The EPA, is the oldest regional Psychological Association in the United States.

I must admit that when I first saw this story I was somewhat alarmed.....never having considered that I might have to quit homosexuality BEFORE I quit smoking.

Until I realized it was just THIS Paul Cameron....the freaky wingnut fraud.

"... despite the fact that he was officially expelled from the American Psychological Association in 1983 and officially condemned by both the American Sociological Association and the Canadian Psychological Association, Dr. Cameron is still allowed by law to present himself as a credentialed and published psychologist "

And how did this wacko homophobe present his "scientific article," He didn't.

"The fact is he roamed the public corridors of the convention venue and "told" doctors about his research.Cameron was neither a registered speaker nor a member of the convention faculty."

As I said before ......what are we going to do with these bigoted religious crazies? Except do what we can to make sure they're never in charge. By joining the Blog Against Theocracy.

And by never being afraid to say that this story is bullshit too...

I guess any group that would burn a woman at the stake and then make her a saint, or believes that a nun was cured by a dead reactionary Pope, or that homosexuality is more dangerous than smoking, is capable of believing anything.....

I'm just glad that more and more people everywhere are standing up for reason and sanity. And telling those crazy religious fanatics to keep those voices in their heads to themselves...and keep their bloodthirsty medieval nonsense out of our schools.... out of our government.....and out of our lives.

Have a Happy Chocolate Bunny Day everyone!

Or at least a better Bunny Day than this one...

Religion is fraud.

But a dog is a dog....


  1. Warning: The Surgeon General has determinded homosexuality is harmful to your health. Slap that label on everybody's asses.
    Seriously though, it could be true, I was making love with my boyfriend the other day and my ascot fire.

  2. Kerouac got the easter bunny? Ha! My dog grabs roadkill bunnies as we're running along and doesn't miss a beat, just keeps running with the dead bunny hanging out of her jaws. Eeep!