Friday, April 13, 2007

Paul Wolfowitz and the End of the Neo-Cons

I gotta admit that I almost got a woody watching the neo-con lizard Paul Wolfowitz apologizing for giving his girl friend a humongous pay hike. Although I don't blame her for asking for a lot of money to fuck him. I mean he was once caught on tape licking his comb. Vomit.

Now he's just a two-time loser licking his wounds.

World Bank President Paul D. Wolfowitz publicly apologized on Thursday for the "mistake" of personally orchestrating a high-paying job and guaranteed promotions for a bank employee with whom he is romantically involved, as new details of his role in the arrangement emerged and staff members angrily demanded his resignation.

Admitting he made a mistake, by putting his pussy on the payroll. But begging people not to blame him for the other big boo boo.

And all this happening the author of Shock and Awe gets nailed by a madam!!!!!

A woman charged with running a prostitution ring in the nation's capital made good on her threat to identify high-profile clients, listing a military strategist known for his "shock and awe" combat theories....

Woohoo! Talk about the going down of the neocons.And what a shock and awesome twist. I thought their war crimes would be the downfall of those two cons. Who knew it would be their dicks?

But then that's what their dirty little made up war in Iraq was all about wasn't it? Just an attempt to show the world who had the biggest dick on the planet. And of course grab all that oil.The inadequate leading the ignorant into the New Neocon World.

But they ended up screwing themselves...and their country.They destroyed the Bush administration. They turned Iraq into a breeding ground for terrorists. A place where nobody is safe.

A place where people are tortured with electric drills. Little children are blown to bits. And dead dogs are used to try to kill American soldiers....

OK so the last part of the video was a little confused. But so is the war in Iraq. It's so crazy that before you know it you find yourself wondering whether the poor old Iraqi street dog died of natural causes, was hit by a car, or was shot by the insurgents, before it was stuffed full of explosives, and then blown up by the Americans...

As if anybody cared what happened to a poor old dog in a hellish place like that..except me of course.

And then there are the wounded. The thousands and thousands of Iraqis who weren't killed by suicide bombers. Just scarred for life...... or mutilated.

Or the American soldiers....who come home to dirty hospitals...or are left to depend on their mummies.

Over and over, Reyes screams "Mom!" at the top of his lungs. He asks for milk, and he wears a diaper. He plays with plastic figurines of such characters as Donatello from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Undertaker from WWE. He's 25 years old and needs his mother now as much as he did as a young boy growing up on the Bronx streets, maybe more. She's begun to call him "Baby Bamm Bamm"—two years ago, his comrades called him Red Dog.

For him the war will never end. For Paul Wolfowitz it was just his last job. He probably still clings to the belief that the problem was the execution....rather than the idea. But even he can't deny that the neo-cons are running out of history.

"Their plan has fallen on hard times. There were flaws in the conception and horrendously bad execution. The neo-cons have been undone by their own ideas and the incompetence of the Bush administration."

"Neo-conservatism has gone for a generation, if in fact it ever returns....."

That's the good news. The only good news to come out of the horror that is Iraq. No matter what they matter what they do.... history will record that the crazy neo-cons started an insane war.

And in the end it buried them... or drowned them in a sea of blood.

If I wasn't such a peaceful guy I'd almost think it was worth it.

Just don't tell Baby Bamm Bamm that.

He wouldn't understand...

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