Thursday, April 12, 2007

Gwen Landolt and the Hoggy Homophobes

Uh oh. It looks like Gwen Landolt, the monstrous bigot from REAL Women, and her wacko religious extremists, think Canada should apologize to the world.

For being too tolerant. (PDF)

To the world's leaders and people:

We the people of Canada who support marriage solely as the union of a man and a woman, apologize to the people of the world for harm done through Canada's legalization of homosexual marriage.

Wow! Can you believe that? As if it wasn't bad enough having to listen to that porkers heavy grunting at home.

"We are not discriminating against them when we say their lifestyle is an unhealthy lifestyle and their conduct is affecting all of society - AIDS, STDs and now we have again, after many years, the return of syphilis which had been defeated. It has returned to our society because of the rampant homosexuality."

"Homosexuals are the front, the advance guard of humanism, secularism, materialism."

"We are fighting an evil and we must pronounce it as such..."

Now she's defaming Canada...... I was going to issue my own apology to the planet for not having had her locked up in an insane asylum...or a barn...or pig sty... years ago.

Especially since I heard she's planning a big trip. (PDF)

But then I realized she's only going to Poland. One of the stinkiest places in the world. Where they suck up anti-semitism and homophobia with their mamushka milk.

A leading human rights group warned Poland on Monday that a proposed law to ban what it calls "homosexual propaganda" in schools would promote discrimination and deny children lifesaving information about AIDS.

So the ugly sow should feel really at home there.....making gay kids suffer as she does here....and wallowing in the fascist mud. Oinka. Oinka.

As for Canadians .....we should just remember that if Stephen Harper gets a majority Landolt and her religious crazies will be telling us ALL what to do.

So before she stinks out the joint ....or defames this country anymore...we should probably do the sensible thing....

Or better still....since it's SUPPOSED to be Spring..... play this new Erasure video for her....

So the montrous bigot turd and her hoggy homophobes can understand that ALL love is beautiful.

And that love is for EVERYONE....


Anonymous said...

On behalf of Canada, I apologize to the world for having that ignorant tripe Landolt as a fellow citizen. Can she just move to America where she would be welcomed with open arms?

Anonymous said...

Yay! Great post, Simon, I love the vid. (And of course the photoshop of Gwen in her rightful place IN THE CAN)

Whoops! Civility in Blogging, I forgot. For some reason freaks like Landolt make me lose all my civility.

harbinger said...

C'mon now nobody that matters is going to aline themselves with the pig, and that includes Harper.
The more someone like that spews that kind of crap the more they are alienated and that is a good thing because soon they will fade away.

ur merit said...

What the hell she is?
Time can prove the bigot is wrong.

Simon said...

Hi Waterboy! Oh yeah that would be wonderful wouldn't it? She's getting to be worse than even that pig McVety.Except that these days the Amerikan freakazoids aren't doing too well either.Besides the mostrous creature knows that down there she'd be just another pig in the poke. While up here she's the Porker Queen.The sooner she's bacon the better...

Hi JJ! I'm glad you liked the video. I found the song kind of grew on me. As for civility in blogging fuck sounds too "respectable" goody goody and Big Brothery to me.They would be trying to censor my righteous wrath, and that would really make me angry... :)

Hi Harbinger! I'm sure you honestly believe that, and I do hope you're right. I'd be very happy to say I was wrong. But try as I might I can't help but not trust Harper....particularly if he gets a majority. Maybe the rabid Landolt might not be invited to the party...but a lot of other wacky social conservatives would. Time will tell...

Hi Ur Merit!

I'm not sure what she is...infact when I took a closer look at the head I stuck on that turd for a moment I had the horrible feeling that maybe it's not a SHE but a HIM.
I mean why would a woman call herself a REAL woman, unless she really wasn't? :)

David Murdoch said...

I've met Gwen Landolt. She's a wonderful person... you really need to learn to love your enemies and treat others with respect... even when they disagree with what you believe in.

Poland's a wonderful place too with many human beings just like you or me. Please learn how to love them.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

ah, Folks
male on male anal sex is wrong
whomever wants to promote that activity should 'clean up ' befor calling anyone a pig.
we are protecting children... , right
signed - not phobic or stupid

Unknown said...

Thank you BC WaterBoy, I agree with you completely. The woman is quite dangerous and I am glad there are those who monitor her every move. Personally I think she should be incarcerated for spreading misinformation, blatant lies, and for her penchant for repeatedly doing so. I loved her recent letter to MacLean's magazine commenting on the marijuana issue. She quoted the British Lung Association as saying it is better to smoke 20 cigarettes a day for a year than to smoke one marijuana joint. Needless to say she obviously did not know that there has never been a recorded death from marijuana while we know that thousands die every year in Canada from lung cancer and cigarette smoking. This woman is very well trained but she has never been educated.

Unknown said...

Sure, treat others with respect but only if they deserve it. Don't be afraid to call a liar a liar. As for Ms. Landolt - her name says it all - she is a dolt for a local area network. Love others who are deserving of love and be ready to admit that some people are unlovable (fuckable maybe but not lovable).

Beliefs and ideologies are one way of looking at the world, but a far better way to do so is to follow science. Cheers!