Thursday, April 19, 2007

Media Massacres, and the Last Flight of the Bumble Bee

Another great day on Planet Earth....brought to you by our idiot media. Another day of wall to wall coverage of the latest campus massacre. Everything you wanted or needed to know and much much more.

There was enough mourn porn on the air to keep viewers moist all day. Billy Graham's son said it was the work of the devil. The crazy right wingers blamed the Muslims. One wacko expert followed the other on a conveyor belt of insanity.

At one point it got so bad I looked up to see Indian guru Deepak Chopra on CNN talking

And as for NBC....I'm sure their executives had to be sedated with animal tranquilizers to keep them from jumping up and down with joy...after getting a chance to air the killer's last words.

Although they told other news organizations, who were probably green with murderous envy...that when they got the package they "recoiled with disgust."

Hmmm.....Recoiled? Really? Is that another word for dancing wildly, whooping loudly, and doing high fives? Or just a polite word for coming in your pants?

Oh much mindless coverage of the college killings...even though thirty times as many kids die on American campuses every year. In another kind of campus massacre....that the media doesn't cover.

While shooting violence is worsening, it does not approach the toll of other violence on our college youth.About 1,100 students each and every year will commit suicide, according to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and four of every five young people who attempt suicide exhibit clear warning signs.

And so little coverage of this really bloody massacre. This "swimming pool of blood." But then they're just Iraqis so who gives a saddam?

Is that depressing or what?

But luckily the sun came out for the first time in days, so I was able to put it all in to some kind of wider perspective.

The way I see it....If half of humanity killed itself off tomorrow the planet would probably be a better place for the survivors to live on.

But if these little fellas go...then we're really fucked....

And something really bad is happening to them.

Theories about why the bees are dying run the gamut from pesticides to poor weather and even radio waves from cell phone transmission towers.

And more worrisome is the unexplained disappearance of the adult bees.
It's as if the bees flew away and never came back...

Yikes! Let's hope it's just the freaky weather, or some parasite we can help them recover from. And not the cellphone towers. we need to be the yappy cell freaks we are.

The small study, led by Professor Jochen Kuhn of Landau University, suggests that radiation from widely used cellphones may mess up the bees' homing abilities by interfering with the neurological mechanisms that govern learning and memory.

It also appears to disrupt the insects' ability to communicate with each other.

It really does make you wonder....if all that radiation is frying the bees sense of direction.... so the amazing little creatures who can find a flower hidden in a can't even find their way home....

Could all that radiation also be frying OUR brains?

Making us forget that since bees pollinate 80 percent of the earth's crops if anything happens to them a lot of people are going to starve.

Or damaging brain cells so WE don't know where we're going anymore....and can't tell the difference between the merely tragic and the really important

The difference between mourn porn, the Sunni-Shiite War, Anna Nicole Smith's baby, and the last flight of the bumble bee.

The way I see it, the way things are going, if we can't get our priorities right in a hurry. And the media and the cell phones keep zapping our intelligence.

I fear that it won't be long, before we're too stupid to know what's happening to us.

And too crazy to care....


  1. "The crazy right wingers blamed the Muslims..."

    You and the other willfully blind mockers will perish in the Jihad to come, O Simon Who Is Of Montreal.

    The killer was South Korean.

    "South Korean" is a perfect anagram of "US: The Koran".

    Coincidence? Hah.

  2. Hi Balbulican...uh oh...what have I done? I must admit I never thought of an anagram. Oh wait I did....I thought it might be something to do with the Zodiac Killer...but he's in the Bible isn't he...along with all those other mass murderers. Although if you think about it..... at a certain point psychosis and religions merge and it's hard to tell them apart.....

    Hi JJ!! What can I say?I'm crazy....but so is everyone else! :)

  3. Sorry Simon, you're not a "dhimmi". That's just the word that all the right-wankers use for anyone who has the least bit of empathy toward Muslims. No, you are your own guy, that's for sure.:)