Sunday, April 01, 2007

Conservative Attack Ads and the Dumbo Media

I see the Conservatives are threatening to unleash a new batch of attack ads.

As if the last batch of ads wasn't dum and vulgar enough. And dangerous too......

I almost broke my neck a couple of times....diving for the remote control to try to mute them or change the channel. And I bet I wasn't the only one.

But of course it didn't work. Because no sooner had I zapped the ads than they they popped up on some tv news flies on shit. Brought to us over and over again by our dumbo media.

The same right-wing dumbos who are threatening to do that to us again.

Isn't that great? When a political party makes a new video about its platform it's propaganda or boring. But when a party attacks another one it's news...

Oh boy...Stephane Dion might try to put an optimistic spin on it.

"I believe he has difficulty filling 30 seconds saying anything positive about his government, so he goes negative," Dion said. "They think they're good at that, but they're underestimating the intelligence of Canadians."

But he would......

I hope he's right about underestimating the intelligence of Canadians...I'm not sure anymore.

But I do know something...Everyone is OVERESTIMATING the intelligence of our dumbo media....especially television where most people get their news from. Or did.

As news channels compete ever more feverishly for ratings, serious coverage of politics and issues is being forced to the margins by a torrent of junk news, gossip,and other stupid stories.

The CBC news schedule is filled with that kind of fluff....and more animal stories that you could fit in a zoo. On CNN no story is low enough to tell. I mean if Larry King can get away with necrophilia...with his creepy coverage of Anna Nicole Smith...there are no longer any limits to where they might go.

Which leaves the poor old BBC. The last holdout of journalistic integrity. And now about to become the latest victim of the of the dumbing down klowns.

The BBC has ordered a major review into who is using its services in a move to make programmes more populist. ......BBC chiefs want a return to the golden age of family viewing after complaints that today's comedies are dominated by sexual themes and bad language. The Corporation's big idea is to return to 'ensemble' shows with large casts and 'silly humour'.

Isn't that depressing? They don't mention the news. But I've seen more stupid stories on the Beeb in the last three weeks than I've seen in the last three years.

Which means that soon all the news will look like this...

Oh boy won't that be great. I can't wait for the dumbo media's version of the War with Iran.

Remind me to take bad drugs and drink a lot. So I can lose half my brain.

Surrender to the idiot rabble.

And really enjoy the show...

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  1. a great summary to why I didn't end up heading towards a journalism major. (I'm depressed enough as it is! Why make it worse?)

    What gets me is that if I bring this shit up around people who are journo majors, they get their panties in a major twist. I guess the truth does hurt after all.