Saturday, March 31, 2007

Chocolate Jesus and the War Against Theocracy

Oh no! It looks as if they're going to be eating Chocolate Jesus sooner than they thought.

A planned Holy Week exhibition of a nude, anatomically correct chocolate sculpture of Jesus Christ was canceled Friday after Cardinal Edward Egan and other outraged Catholics complained.

How disappointing. I was hoping to fly down to New York next week, to see if I could make a bid for the chocolate dick. So after giving it a lick or two .....I could mail it to the Catholic thug Bill Donohue. And have him melt it in the right place....

“The Roger Smith Hotel is morally bankrupt. It is the goal of the Catholic League to make it financially bankrupt as well.....The Roger Smith Hotel will rue the day it sought to declare war on Christian sensibilities......”

Yikes! Holy Unvirgin Mary! I don't understand what the thug inquisitor is going on about. I mean when you think of Easter what comes to mind? Jesus...... or a chocolate egg?

And besides I thought Cosimo Cavallaro's rendition of Our Sweet Lord was pretty restrained and classy....when compared to some of his other work....

Like his porky classic Ham Bed....

That's Cosimo slicing the ham. He said that although he studied art in Italy, he rejected prosciutto because "it would have been pompous."

Wow! Isn't that Canadian? Although I am happy to report he didn't spare the mozzarela in his cheesy classic.. Hotel Room...

Mama mia! That's a lot of mozzarella....he shoulda called it Mouse Heaven....and pissed off the wingnuts again. I just hope Cosimo isn't too disappointed by the chocolate fiasco.

He should remember that Donohue is a crazy wingnut freak who should be locked up in a lunatic asylum ........or sealed up with the perverts in the Vatican.

Hollywood is controlled by secular Jews who hate Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular. It's not a secret, okay? And I'm not afraid to say it. ... Hollywood likes anal sex.

And that the wacko inquisitor has gone after other artists the Broadway producers of Stairway to Heaven.

And the creators of South Park.

I call them the "secular supremacists," and they have it out against the 85 percent of the population who's Christian, because they don't like the idea that liberty means the right to do what you ought to do. They believe in license.

So liberty means the right to do what you ought to do...and where would we find that kind of liberty I wonder? Answer: in a Iran.

So why should we be surprised that the same people who presume to tell us what we can watch or eat...should now be trying to tell gay teenagers who and when they can fuck.

"With legislation proposed by the government to raise the age of natural sex from its current 14 to 16, at the request of homosexual activists, Comartin proposed an amendment at the committee stage to “harmonize” the consent age for anal sex with that for vaginal sex; making it 16 for both."

Isn't that great? A 17-year-old can fuck a girlfriend in the vagina and it's ok. But if he fucks her or his boyfriend in the ass he's a criminal and could go to jail for ten years?

Woohoo! Something tells me there are going to be a lot of sexual outlaws out straight.

But what are we going to do with the religious crazies of this world....who believe their voodoo gods should tell the rest of us what to do? What can we do to keep their cold clammy hands off our bodies...or keep their pointy noses out of our assholes?

Except maybe join the Blog Against Theocracy If they want a war let's give them one.

And relax with a little freedom remind us what life is really all about.

Have a great weekend everyone!

And if you're down in New York, please give Chocolate Jesus...

A lick and a bite from me...


  1. What theocracy did was really ridiculous.In one way,it encourage gay men 'taste more,in another way it means different,unfair rights 4 gay men.xiiiii!

  2. by the way ,What's the song's name?

  3. probably got their bun in a knot because it's not made out of white chocolate.

  4. "Melts in your mouth, not in your hands," Simon! Ha! "Sexual outlaws" mmm I like the sound of that.

  5. zflynn3:40 PM

    It shows you how pathetic things have become when a gallery owner in New York City cowers when a bunch of christian radicals become hysterical over nonsense. Death threats were issued, hmm, seems like a nice christian thing to do when, as they said their "christian sensibility" was offended. "Cristian sensibility", isn't that an oxymoron? I guess invisible magical friends are still the leading excuse for all the bullying and brutality in the world. Oh well, at least this Christian Taliban hasn't taken over everything. Yet. But if nonsense like this keeps up they will, at least effectively if not legally.

  6. Hi Ur! Yeah I agree...these wingnuts are really ridiculous. If they used that nonsense for something good like getting the people of the world to love instead of hate each other...I wouldn't mind them at all.But when all they do is attack people's love lives I have to draw the line.
    The good news? they're losing, we're winning, and one day all gay people will be free!!!
    As for the song it's called Freedom 90 by George's his kind of coming out song. :)

    Hi Harbinger! Yeah I thought about that. But I didn't dare mention it. I don't want to give Cosimo any ideas... :)

    Hi JJ! Yes I'm really pissed off. Those damn kids get to play sexual outlaws...but I can't anymore.
    Talk about having your chocolate...and eating it!!! :(

    Hi zflynn... yes it is pathetic that in a place like New York these absurd zealots can have their way...and tell other people what they can see or not.
    Especially when they are given to heathen rituals like drinking the blood of Christ...and eating his symbolic flesh. One can only hope that their absurd behaviour will further reveal them as the frauds they are. So humankind can leave this nonsense behind and move on.Amen...