Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Stephen Harper and the Flying Suppository

Gasp. Gasp. What a stench. It looks like Great Fat Leader had a steaming dump in the House of Commons. Again.

"I can understand the passion that the leader of the Opposition and members of his party feel for the Taliban prisoners," Harper said. "I just wish occasionally they would show the same passion for Canadian soldiers."

Wow! What a turd. I know we live in a vulgar world....where people place bets on whether Heather Mills' artificial leg will fly off.

But would one of his flunkies please summon up the courage to remind Great Fatso and wouldbe Big Bubbah, that we live in Canada not Amerika? And we don't play dirty politics here the White House criminals do. Before the monstrous chickenhawk flies off...the deep end.

I mean first he accuses Paul Martin of supporting child porn. Then he accuses Jack Layton of being a Taliban stooge. Then he smears a Sikh Liberal MP by suggesting he's trying to protect his family.Then he tries to rig the courts just like George Bush did. And when decent Canadians object ....he accuses them of coddling criminals and bashing the police.

And now he's accusing the opposition of being traitors...for standing up for the Geneva Convention.....the honour of our army. And, of course, what's left of our reputation abroad.

"It's clear that this is a prime minister who thinks that no attack is beneath him, no shot is too cheap and no smear is too unbecoming..."

Shame on him! You know I'd be disgusted and down on all fours vomiting..... if I wasn't sp delighted. You see I love it when Great Leader's mask falls off. It's such a...revealing...and ugly sight.

And besides it warms my heart to know that he must be suffering. Terribly. Having to play Bojangles in this Liberal Minstrel Show. Can you imagine how hard it must be for Stephen Harper to act like a Liberal because he knows it's the only way he can hope to fool Canadians into giving him a majority? Talk about the Death of the Right....Call Dick Cheney's embalmer.

Or just ask this Blogging Tory.... Ouch. Who's a traitor now? Mwahahaha!!

And as if that wasn't enough ideological pain... Great Leader has these all these other problems preying on his deranged mind. Like how to kill his government and trigger an election, without making it look like suicide.

How to make his gangster-like bribe to Quebecers look like a triumph rather than a disaster.

And above all how to do all this before these Frenchies get into trouble in Afghanistan....

Ooops....crisse de's one thing when the flying suppository doesn't fly. And quite another when it flies up Great Fat Leader's ass....

That's why he wants an election now. Before French Canadian soldiers start coming home in boxes. And all the bribes in the world won't stop Quebecers from saying merci....thanks for the cash and bye...

So all the opposition has to do really, is avoid giving Harper ANY excuse to call an election.... Which will drive him nuts.... especially now...and make him say even crazier things....

And then when an election finally comes....all the Canadian Resistance/Opposition has to do is string all those crazy clips them for Canadians over and over again....and ask the Big Question:

Would anyone in their right mind trust this crazy yankee-acting monster with a majority?

I'm sure the answer will be no. I might not bet on whether Heather Mills' leg will fly off. But I would bet on that. You see even in this vulgar world some things are for sure.

Give Stephen Harper enough time....and enough rope....and a big enough suppository to sit on. And he'll fuck AND hang himself...

On the other hand if the opposition doesn't play for time...and the suppository doesn't fly...and Canadians are even dummer than I feared they were.....then get ready to bend over people.

Coz we'll be the ones who get fucked...


  1. A steaming dump!!! Bahahahaa!!! (Sorry, that just cracked me up -- I have the sense of humour of a 10-year old)

  2. fuck Chinese government,the bitch sealed off google BLOGGER of china severely coz some bad news on that foolish government.
    How I will live if I can't view the blog any longer?Finally,I succeeded by changing the HOST document:)
    compare with the foolish,stupid government,it's a little better to see what HARPER did,Actuall,he didn't let u shut up.
    However,to fight 4 freedom is necessary,keep going on.

  3. Anonymous7:28 PM

    The possibility of a spike in violence with the spring bothers me a lot. THe 22ieme has a place in my heart right next to my grandfather's Devil's Brigade.

    Hopefull the whole nation, not just Quebec, wakes up to Harper's clusterfuck without coffins coming home draped in bleu & blanc or red & white.

    Simon, where do you host your profile pic? I've tried Picasa & Flickr, but Blogger keeps telling me the link is broken & invalid.

  4. Anonymous7:37 PM

    So you want Canada to coddle the taliban and show more compassion for them than our soldiers.
    Harper never smeared any Sikh MP, I've listened to it over and over and I just don't hear it.( maybe you hear it because you hate him so much.)
    Rigging the courts is the fucking least he can do to get rid of the leftlib wacos put in there by a hundred years of corrupt lib occupation.
    Why would we stand up for the Geneva Convention when our enemies don't follow it,( and don't give me that old,"we hold ourselves to a higher standard shit.)
    It is a noose around our necks,

  5. Hi JJ!! Uh oh....what does that say about me? I had written something else...but when I thought about it a bit more...and what Harper is doing to the state of politics in this country...stinky steamer seemed just right! :)

    Hi Ur!!

    I'm sorry to hear that the Chinese government has been blocking Google Blogger. When will they ever learn that communication and dialogue are good not bad? But good for you for getting around it. :) I read somewhere that someone had estimated they were at least 32-million gays in China. Wow!! That's great!! I can't wait until you're all free to be who you are. What a great day that will be....
    Hola Jay!!! Yeah...I'm really worried too.More and more suicide bombers are coming across the border from Pakistan...the Americans are killing anything that moves...we're handing prisoners over to be tortured or killed. And nobody seems to know what they are doing...
    As for the profile pic I think it's hosted at Blogger and then downloaded to the temporary file of any computer you're on..
    I'll try to find an excuse to post a better version of the avatar on my actual blog (I had to reduce the pic on photoshop beacuse profile pics only get 60 kb) Although I have another version which is maybe I'll post that one!! :)

    Hi anonymous! No I don't think we should coddle the Taliban... and of course I care for our soldiers first and foremost. More than you can imagine. Secondly...I'm not the only one who thought it was a smear...most of the MSM thought that too. Thirdly rigging the courts is not good....whether Liberals or Conservatives do it.
    And our courts are admired all over the world.
    Finally, yes I do believe that we should hold ourselves to a higher moral standard than the filthy Taliban. That's how we show the whole world that we're better than these religious fanatics. Because we not only whupped them...we did it with honour...because being a proud Canadian means something..I won't settle for anything less..

  6. enough is enough2:47 PM

    The sooner Quebec leaves Canada the better. The real Canada cannot afford a whiner province like Quebec anymore.
    You are whining about the budget, Because Quebec is a looser province they get 56% of all the transfer payments the government doles out to all the provinces, Oh that sounds fair! Because Quebec has a huge debt and a bloated bureaucracy, a labour force dominated by big unions and low productivity, language and education laws that discourage new industry, and a political climate of uncertainty that keeps investors looking elsewhere. The average Canadian taxpayer will send about a thousand dollars each, to Quebec, money to help pay for cheap government auto insurance, and subsidized $7-a-day child care. Keep on whining, and you can thank me anytime now.

  7. Anonymous10:47 PM

    enough is enough--

    you daft little child.

    Canada's heart is Quebec. When I am done school, I plan to move to Montreal or Quebec City with my wife. I will start a family in Quebec. I will give a lot more than $1000 a year. And for the record, Alberta whines. BC whines. Ontario whines. Every fucking Anglo province whines. Shut up. Just hold your breath until I tell you to stop.

    Simon - you're a better homme than me for posting that little troll's shit. I would never have let anyone else see it. Bravo.

  8. Anonymous1:05 AM

    I'm not a troll, I'm an Ogre.

  9. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Of course other provinces are whining Quebec keeps on getting an unfair amount of transfer payments.Quebec is the heart of Canada that goes into cardiac arrest every few years wanting to separate from the rest of Canada, and Quebecers keep voting in parties that have that objective.
    What the hell is the rest of Canada to think, If you want to go then go.
    Simon is right on letting me vent my thoughts, that's why I like him so much, Hecho if you are for censorship maybe this is not the place for you.

  10. Oh come on guys...I want to keep you both. Jay's been a blogging buddy for a while...and I usually agree with him. But I also like to hear what anonymous says...even though I usually don't.
    For an ogre...he's pretty friendly one... :)