Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stephen Harper and the End of Canada

So I'm walking to the ferry this evening...and I'm watching the sun go down....and I'm thinking can it really be ONLY two years since Stephen Harper was elected Prime Minister? And Canada's long night began.

Because it seems like FOREVER.

The automaton goes on and on.

But how dark is our country? How FAR has Canada fallen?

Stephen Harper has raped women's rights, disgraced Canada abroad, turned Canada into a nastier meaner place....and our Parliament into a pig pen.

Now him and his morally corrupt government have been caught lying about torture.

"there has not been one single, solitary proven allegation of abuse of detainees ... Rather than producing hogwash and hornswoggle, maybe he can bring some cold, hard facts instead of this torqued rhetoric."

How low can these Con Klowns go?

And as for the Bush/Cheney Stooge-in-Chief he refuses to even say what we are doing with our Afghan prisoners.

You don't think that's because we're sending them to this other Gitmo? Do you?

In a confidential memorandum last summer, the Red Cross said dozens of prisoners had been held incommunicado for weeks or even months in a previously undisclosed warren of isolation cells at Bagram, two American officials said. The Red Cross said the prisoners were kept from its inspectors and sometimes subjected to cruel treatment in violation of the Geneva Conventions, one of the officials said.

As if the case of our Guantanamo Kid wasn't disgusting enough.

Or humiliating enough.

Oh boy. When other governments have to defend our citizens because our government won't know we're in trouble.

Once we were admired around the world as defenders of human rights. Now we're just a rogue nation...of Amerikan stooges.

But hey!! Canadians don't seem to mind. They don't want an election. They're SATISFIED.
“Canadians are pretty satisfied with the way the world is going,” says Darrell Bricker of Ipsos-Reid, a polling company. Too satisfied, it seems, to want to kick the government out.

Yikes. Some people really are EASILY satisfied. In the U.S. young people are full of hope for change. But here we have NONE.

Too bad for Canada. Too bad for me.

But I guess you get the government ....and the country.... you deserve...


  1. From the Economist article - “In two years in office Stephen Harper has earned respect but not love.

    Must be a misprint – unusual for the Economist but I guess it happens.

    Respect NOT / NEVER / NONE

    Newsflash – hell has just frozen over: still no respect for Harper

  2. Damn it Simon, when are you going to realize that us 32 million poor little souls are no match for the great intellect and wisdom of Steve? He’ll tell us any bullshit line he thinks we’re dumb enough to buy and that is how much respect he thinks we deserve.

    He keeps suggesting that what we need to do is wait and see the wisdom his ways while he feeds us bullshit as if we never could anyway. Talk about the ultimate self-serving dumbass.

  3. Hi Sassy!! yeah that RESPECT word really bothered me too. I can't believe that after the mean, nasty way Harper acts...and how he has debased our democracy...that anyone could feel anything but disgust. But then the Cons are always trumpeting the fat nerd as a STRONG anything is possible :)

  4. Hi Bruce!!!
    You think you're joking....but Harpo actually does believe he's the smartest man in Canada.When of course he's just a rigidly ideological right-wing nerd policy wonk...who fantasizes he's the PRESIDENT... while admiring how Stalin ran HIS government. Pathetic. But what's even more pathetic....and depressing... is that we can't get our act together on the left and defeat this wretched tyrant.
    It's so depressing I'm actually thinking of leaving the country...and not returning until he's gone back to the Fraser Institute.
    Because I have to admit that my loathing of him has reached a point where just the sight of his pudgy robot face on the tv...or even the sinister sound of his voice drifting across the room...makes me want to VOMIT!!!!
    And the thought that The Automaton could be with us for 1,2,3,4 years makes me want to pack my bags...
    Bye bye Harperstanada ...Hello Europe is too short... :)