Friday, September 25, 2020

The COVID Surge and the Welcome Return of Justin Trudeau

I'm glad to see that Justin Trudeau has resumed his COVID-19 briefings, for this country badly needs strong leadership at a time like this one.

The virus is surging again, most of the premiers are simply not up to the job, the Cons are out of control.

And before even more Canadians die, the whole country needs to get this urgent message.

Covid is still here.

The pandemic freedom some of us have been enjoying is over.

As virus numbers begin to rise again in Canada and around the world, this is the challenge our public health and political leaders face: telling people that the relative taste of freedom they enjoyed over the summer is over. The virus is surging and as dangerous as ever.

And not just here, but all over the world.

In Britain, virus numbers are now the highest they’ve been since last spring, when the pandemic struck the hardest. PM Boris Johnson is now talking about introducing new restrictions, and is pleading with the public to act responsibly. Good luck with that.

In Spain, hospitals overwhelmed by the virus in the spring are once again filling up with sick and dying COVID patients.

But while in places like Scotland the government is cracking down hard.

And using shocking ads like this one to try to drive home the message...


In Canada there are no ads trying to shock people into changing their behaviour. 

Or trying to warn them what could happen to them, and others like them, if they get it. 

Evidence has emerged that the virus may cause cardiac complications fairly frequently in patients who are very sick, even if they lack a history of heart problems.

Myocarditis can lead to heart failure. When that happens, some people don’t get any advance warnings, which include chest discomfort, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, swelling and fatigue. And the most serious outcome — sudden cardiac arrest — can also occur without symptoms

So a lot of Canadians, especially but not only younger ones, just don't get it. 

And provincial and municipal authorities have been far too lax with this kind of behaviour...

So trying to get people to change their habits won't be easy.

In the spring, the pandemic was new. People were frightened because we understood so little about the invisible monster. We watched helplessly as the virus took its toll, especially among the elderly. We were scared into doing the right thing. But then we emerged from that darkness into the light of summer, and we loved and cherished the freedom it brought.

Which is why giving it up – which we’ll all have to do – will be so tough. But the alternative is much, much worse.

To make matters worse, if that's possible, the Cons are once again trying to sabotage efforts to get help to scared and suffering Canadians.

While the stooges in the Con media encourage them and their shameless leader...

And the hapless Jagmeet Singh tries to claim the credit for all the Liberals have done, while dancing desperately away from an election.

Which is why I'm glad that Justin Trudeau is taking charge again...

Covid is surging, the economy is in ruins, and Donald Trump could be leading the U.S. to civil war.

So we need a battle tested leader. 

COVID is a brutal enemy.

And more failure is not an option...


Jackie Blue said...

I'm skeptical of Singh's, Lucy from "Peanuts" holding the football performance, with the declaration to HuffPost that he "could prop up the Liberals for three years". That olive branch might be poison ivy with thorns in it. Jagmeet is a showboater if there ever was one, but I don't think he's as sincerely malicious as Chuckles and Julian and bratty Nikki. He's too stupid IMHO, too busy memeing for the "woke youth" who follow "Squad" accounts and think trolling on behalf of rose Twitter is a credible model of governing.

He's everything the Cons accuse Trudeau of being: a flake more interested in being an Instagram influencer than a credible leader. I don't think he "hates" Trudeau personally the way the Cons do, and the Con wannabes in his party. I think he's jealous and desperate to be relevant.

But the rabid tone of anti-Trudeau attacks and ridiculous statements like "Trump did a better job addressing racism than Trudeau" might have been dumb responses to leadership pressure from Chuckles and the old-guard bros to get more "aggressive". That said, if he can't control his caucus, and goes on attacking the wrong "enemy," then it's still a situation of "trust but verify". As in, I can verify that I don't trust the NDP at all.

Now, he could help that, by directing Angus and Julian to back off the WE bullshit when the committees reconvene. This is a pandemic. There are far more important things to focus on than helping Pigeon Pierre and Cooper and Barrett in their character assassination of the Trudeau family and pathetic attempt to redo Sponsorgate. Unless he kills WE-Ghazi once and for all, I'm calling bullshit on his claim that "we want to help people". They got their pound of flesh. It's long past time to move on.

Now, on a more positive note, what I can also verify is that Trudeau is the one who's gotten Canadians through this so far, and will be the one to get through the rest of it. And what I can really verify is that the U.S. is so envious pressing our noses against the plexiglass of the hockey rink up north. Anyone who seriously thinks the Cons, the GOP of Canada, would do a better job is afflicted with a little known side effect of coronavirus called "head up ass syndrome". Same with anyone who thinks the Liberals are no different, a delusional disorder that severely affects a substantial contingent of the NDP.

Simon, did you watch the U.N. address? Or his powerful statement in the HoC yesterday, in response to that asshole Quebec con Deltell. Trudeau has really come out swinging this first week of parliament's return. And per your earlier post about the throne speech, I thought you might enjoy this. I really do think that for all the flak he's taken, all the manufactured "scandals" and smear campaigns and all the crises he's had to face, yet still keeps plodding along trying to do his damned best to help Canadians and even the rest of the world, Trudeau the younger will be remembered as one of Canada's greatest PMs just like his dad.

I really liked this. He's got the fire back in him. That's good. I think he might even go on to lead the U.N. someday. I don't think the UNSC bid would matter if he were tapped for the job. What will matter are things like this video. Boy, wouldn't the Cons' heads explode if that were to come true!

Anonymous said...

"Conservatives are ready to fight for Canadians over the weekend," says O'Toole. On Monday they're going to call it quits and go back to fighting for tax cuts for foreign corporations.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link Jackie. I finally took the time to listen to it and am glad I did. That's what a statesman looks like.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....I think you’re right about Singh, he’s not a bad guy just not too bright. I also suspect he’s the tool of some of the NDP uglies like Charlie Angus. Unfortunately he is a bit of a Con artist, claiming credit for the ideas of others, or worse letting himself be fooled into believing that O’Toole is a moderate when he is really a sneaky Trumpy populist. Nevertheless , I believe he has finally understood that he can’t fool most progressives and will behave himself for a while at least. I don’t believe that attacking Trudeau like Scheer used to do will give Scheer much traction, especially in the middle of a pandemic. We’ll have to see what the polls look like, but I’m feeling more optimistic than I have for a long time...

Simon said...

Hi anon@1056 pm...O’Toole’s biggest problem is that he owes to much to far right extremists, religious fanatics, and their “Pope” Jason Kenney. With friends like that who needs enemies? And if he’s hoping to fool Canadians into believing that he is a new/ nouveau Con, I don’t think it will work...