Saturday, September 26, 2020

Donald Trump and the End of the World

As we all know Donald Trump is slowly but surely coming apart at the seams. With less than forty days to go before the election the pressure is obviously getting to him.

And he's never sounded crazier or more dangerous. 

He won't even commit to a peaceful transfer of power.

Which is scary.

But on the other hand, as Randy Rainbow points out, there's never been a better time for decent Americans to declare "I won't vote for Trump."

Between the COVID epidemic and the U.S. election it's going to be a scary time.

But the progressive army is on the march, I can feel the ground shaking under my feet.

So while it may feel like the end of the world, as we know it, I'm feeling fine...

At least until tomorrow.

In this nightmare world what more can we ask for?

Except for this...

Now isn't that something nice to dream about?

Have a great weekend everybody !!

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Jackie Blue said...

You have a good weekend too Simon, and keep a close watch on Leslyn Lewis -- as I pointed out in a comment to Dale Smith's blog, she's a Black version of our SCOTUS handmaid Amy Coney-Barrett, or a female Ben Carson. I have no idea what will happen with Trump, but Canada better prepare for round two being attempted in the worst of ways. Trump has some asinine Hail Mary pass "anti-racism" legislation that he's putting in his platform, to make June-teenth a national holiday and declare the KKK a terrorist group. As though that would make any reasonable person conclude he's not an irredeemable racist.

But your cons are doing the same with Lewis, attempting to rebrand themselves as "inclusive" even though she's a fanatical so-con deflecting from her abhorrent views by exploiting the race card and the media's tired fixations on b-b-b-blackface and WeGhazi. She and Bergen keep pushing the issue about those WE committees and I'm worried about what exactly they're going to do with them. Her op-ed in the Nazi Post today was such a virulent screed, it made Rex Murphy's columns look like copywriting for Hallmark cards.

I'm terrified of Coney-Barrett ending up as RBG's replacement just as much as I don't want to see Lewis get a cabinet post. She is likely to become an MP, being parachuted into a riding that would vote for a blue fence post, but that's as far as she and her deplorable party deserve to get, perpetually in opposition. Many Americans thought "it couldn't happen here" and I don't want to see Canada suffer the same fate. I want Trump gone and the CPC destroyed once and for all. Trudeau said COVID is going to put a damper on Christmas, but that's still the holiday wish I'm going to make: Trump behind bars or at least disgraced and run into exile, and Canada safe with Trudeau on his way to a third-term majority.

As Jean-Luc Picard used to say, make it so...