Thursday, September 24, 2020

Justin Trudeau's Magnificent Message to Canadians

Justin Trudeau's throne speech could not have come at a better time. 

As the second wave of a murderous pandemic threatens to engulf us, many Canadians are frightened and losing hope for a better tomorrow.

So what Trudeau had to say mattered. 

And his throne speech was just what the country needed.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has staked the survival of his minority government on a new plan to continue heavy public spending during the COVID-19 pandemic on programs like child care, extended wage subsidies and new federal standards for seniors in long-term care.

More help for those who have lost their jobs, more help for seniors. As well as more help for the travel and tourist industry, a plan for the greening of Canada, and most importantly a promise to create a Canada-wide early learning and childcare system to allow more women to return to the workforce.

Trudeau made it clear that he won't sacrifice Canadians to the bloodthirsty Con gods of austerity.

And when he addressed the nation a few hours later, he also had this warning for those who might think the pandemic was over.

When in fact the danger couldn't be greater.

As for the opposition, it never sounded more out of it.

With two-face Erin O'Toole sounding like a spokesman for Big Oil. 

And looking like a fool thanks to his own failure to act responsibly...

And the hapless Jagmeet Singh also looking like a clown with his empty threats to bring down the government.
When in fact he is clearly desperate to avoid an election.

And when questioned about that by reporters, looked so uncomfortable some helpfully suggested he should have pulled the fire alarm.
I'll have a lot more about Singh, and why his desperate attempts to smear the decent Justin Trudeau make him the Cons best buddy, and the new Andrew Scheer, in another post.

But for now as I get back to regular blogging, I think I'll just give thanks this country has a prime minister like no other.

A leader who isn't afraid to do what needs to be done... 

“Do we move Canada forward, or let people be left behind? Do we come out of this stronger, or paper over the cracks that the crisis has exposed? This is the time to remember who we are as Canadians.”

The leader who has led us through the darkest days of the pandemic.

And will now lead the fight to build back this country, even better than it was before... 


Jackie Blue said...

Trudeau's address (both of them, actually) was so good in fact, that it really kicked the Con media's hornet's nest into overdrive. Now I'm worried for what they may try to dig up or use against him. The fact that he delivered a double whammy in one day makes me nervous for what kind of quadruple whammy the panicked privilege class will pull out. Bergen was salivating over bringing back the goddamn WE committees, and I haven't been sleeping well out of fear they're going to try and cook up Sponsorgate 2.0.

If Singh pulls another Layton, he'll be a pariah throughout the country. That being said, having observed Angus' antics gnawing on every CON-trived "scandal," plus some dribs and drabs on social media, I'm starting to wonder if that isn't the intent. It's possible that there is a power struggle in the NDP, that Singh is a clueless chump being shoved out by Angus and the (white dudebro) old guard, and that he is having to adopt the negative Trudeau-hate track out of pressure from within. The shenanigans going on in the otherwise irrelevant Green party paint a similar picture, while Ibbitson's column spoke volumes about who the NDP really sticks up for. They stand for No Damn Principles. They can't abide that Trudeau is "eating their lunch" as Nik Nanos put it in a recent interview, so they'd rather attack and tear down what they'll never be, out of pure jealousy. Regardless of the reasons, it shows why they are not only unfit to govern but unfit for really anything else besides shouting from the cheap seats. Nasty Deplorable Power-mongers.

But as for the speech itself, what I got from it is the "true" Trudeau, who has never stopped caring about Canadians especially at times of crisis like these. For all the smears and vilification and even threats toward him and his family, he still keeps trying to do his damn best and getting nothing but shit for it. There'll be a special place in hell for anyone who sabotages him, who puts politics ahead of serving their country in a pandemic. The cons, quite obviously. But especially that creep Blanchet and the self-serving fauxgressives of the NDP.

I'm really disgusted with politics right now. I don't think there'll be a federal election anytime soon and that both scares and disappoints me. But I still try to hold out hope that Trudeau fils will get at least one more opportunity, like his dad did in 1974, to put the Just Society II in motion, opposition terrorists be damned. Hopefully the vision he laid out in that speech is enough to overcome the constant barrage of hate that the useless BlocConDipperquois axis of evil has to offer.

Anonymous said...

It was a compassionate throne speech that will, as JT proclaimed, not leave any Canadians behind. It's no wonder the Cons hate it. Compassion, caring and helping the downtrodden never was their strong suit. Rewarding the rich and themselves, well, oink oink, pull up a chair. The howls from the Cons and their media was expected and their immediate dismissal of the speech proves that no matter what JT offered, they weren't buying. To hell with the lot of them I say. If Jagmeet-head pulls the trigger on an election, not only will he pay the price, so will the Cons and the Bloc. Tough times call for tough measures. Not the Con's version of "austerity" where they blindly slash the PS while creating multiple boondoggles such as the multi-billion dollar Phoenix disaster for one example. Something we're still paying to fix to this day.
I listened to the tool until he regurgitated the JT dividing the country bullshit while offering no plan on how he would turn this country into a Trumpian shithole and that was enough for my stomach. Maybe we should go to the polls and return to JT the majority he deserves and reduce the shrieking, howling Con's to the irrelevant status they have earned and so richly deserve.

Cowboy said...

News flash , the west is done with all of you
We really don't care what u have to say
As you try n bash the conservatives
We want out of Canada period
You want socialism great , we don't
We are conservatives 100%
We are oil and gas and mining and agriculture and proud of it
All you do is take from the west
We've had enough
Were going to seperate and be are own country
You've taken billions from us over the years

jrkrideau said...

@ Cowboy
We are oil and gas
Don't you mean We are dinosaurs ?

Anonymous said...

Hey Cowboy - do you have streets and roads in the west? If so, that's socialism.


ottlib said...

"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has staked the survival of his minority government on a new plan to continue heavy public spending during the COVID-19 pandemic..."

That opening sentence of a Toronto Star news story, that is quoted in this blog, pretty much sums up what is wrong with our media. Our media just cannot resist playing political strategist and that is the problem.

There is a reason why journalists and media pundits chirp from the cheap seats instead of being hired as professional political strategists by a political party, with its access to all sorts of information not available to the rest of us and where they would have an opportunity to actually influence how political power is used in this country. They suck at being political strategists. They never look past the superficial and banal and a political party would actually lose big if they took their advice.

Here is my advice to journalists and pundits. Stick to reporting the news and leave the political strategy to the professionals. You will stop making fools of yourself on a daily basis.

The Speech from the Throne was what I expected and the reaction by the Opposition and the talking heads in the media is also what I expected.

I did not expect anything from Mr. O'Toole or Mr. Blanchet but I am particularly disappointed with Mr. Singh. The speech outlines the direction the government wants to go and if the NDP really has problems with that direction one has to wonder whether the NDP is still the progressive party it claims to be.

If Mr. Singh would have been smart all he would have needed to say was he agreed with the direction that the government proposes and that he will now negotiate with the government to flesh out policies and legislation to help Canadians. That would have been the actions of a smart leader of a party that holds the balance of power in a minority Parliament. Instead he crapped on the government and then became tongue tied when that lead to the obvious questions of whether he would support the government. Like how the fuck do you not have an answer already developed for that question? He had to know it was coming and if he did not then he is more clueless than I thought.

Anyway, he had an opportunity to make him and his party stand out from the other Opposition Parties but instead he just parroted the other parties causing whatever message he wanted to send Canadians to become lost in Opposition and media din against the Throne Speech.

Or to put it another way. Mr. Singh passed on yet another opportunity to actually be relevant instead choosing just to be visible. Pity.

Anonymous said...

Alberta hasn't got the fiscal ability to stand on its own. It cannot make it as a "separate country"...which means, of course (and this is what the fallback position has been all along), union with the U.S.A., where all of Alberta's crying and complaining will be on an order of importance with Montana or perhaps Idaho. Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Kenney's jackass has room for another rhinestone cowboy? Reality will be a bitch when the trek to the oasis turns out to be a mirage and Kenney absconds with the the last canteen of oily water and the gold. But don't despair, Canadians will help we always do, just don't consider it a personal affront if the rhinestone encrusted jackass ends up in an educational museum along with all of the other Con dinosaurs.


Simon said...

Hi Jackie... What I particularly enjoyed about Trudeau's speech was that it was so big, our ratty Con media didn't know how to deal with it. They are third-rate scribblers and they dare not offend those who are grateful for the help they are getting. Trudeau is just acting like a Canadian should, but the scribblers no longer know what that means, so he should be able to deal with them until he goes for an election in the Spring...

Simon said...

Hi JD... As I told Jackie, I thought Trudeau's speech was so Canadians the dead beats in the media didn't know what to do with it. They did try to make snarky comments about it, but they only looked small and cheap. If Justin plays his cards well, and takes Jagmeet for a walk every day, a nice Spring election should finish off the O'Toole and his ghastly Cons. And if Trump causes any trouble after the election the worse it will be for the Cons. If he was smart O'Toole would be trying to put some distance between himself and Trump, but the Trumpanzees in his party won't allow him to do that, so he's screwed, as he so richly deserves...

Simon said...

Hi Cowboy...I am always glad to hear from the residents of Albertonia, the ones who voted for Jason Kenney and now find themselves looking more and more like a Banana Republic. As I said I really do love some of the cowboys in your province, but if you decide to separate you need to know that most people who live in the other parts of Canada won't be too sad to see you go. The era of oil and gas is almost over, and the sooner it goes the better for the planet. So if I were you I'd get out while you can...

Simon said...

hi Ottlib....I agree with you, our shabby media needs to give us more news and less opinion. Most of them simply don't have the intellectual depth to make those opinions anything less than superficial and annoying. As for Jagmeet Singh, I too am disappointed at the way he has behaved. He could have added something new to our politics, but instead all we have seen so far is more of the same....