Friday, November 17, 2017

The Real Reason For Andrew Scheer's Weird Ad

I knew the Cons were worried. 

I didn't believe them when they said that weird ad, half Forrest Gump and half serial killer, was to introduce Andrew Scheer to Canadians.

When he has been around for thirteen years, and the Con media has given him all the page time or air time he wanted recently, to attack the Trudeau government.

As only Schmeagol can.

But that is of course, the real reason for that new ad. 

To try to make him look like Mr Nice Guy... 

And try to make up for him having failed to restrain himself, and overplaying his hand, like a maniac. 

Just like he did with the Omar Khadr case, vowing to make his settlement a big deal, his number ONE issue.

Only to realize that he was disgusting Canadians who don't like that kind of politics, and drop that issue like a hot potato.

But if this Abacus poll is correct, Scheer may have made the same mistake again, and it may already be costing him. 

Last month we saw a four-point slip in Liberal Party support; in our latest survey the Liberals have stabilized and would win 40% support today. The Conservatives are at 32%. Both these numbers are identical to the results last election Day in 2015.

He attacked the Liberals like a rabid ferret day after day, and now suddenly the Liberals and the Cons are heading in opposite directions.

The size of the Liberal lead in Quebec and Atlantic Canada, and their continuing strength in Ontario still has majority written all over it...

And Scheer's biggest problem, is the same as the one Jason Kenney has. He can't get enough millennials to support him.

And it must be bothering Scheer as much as it bothers Kenney, and the sinister operatives at the Manning Institute.

Only 16% of Millennials self-identify with the current conservative brand as compared with 66% who self-identify as liberal, moderate or progressive. The term ‘conservative’ elicits more negative perceptions than positive …” 

For not only do millennials dislike the Cons, they don't trust them.

“Conservative-oriented political parties are among the least-trusted group by Millennials across Canada.”

And some things aren't negotiable.

“There are some traditional conservative positions which will be seen as ‘deal-breakers’ by Millennials, such as abortion, gay marriage, opposition to immigration, etc.”

So you can imagine what many millennials think of Scheer's assault on Justin Trudeau for defending Julie Payette.

Or what they think of the Con media and its ghastly coverage... 

Because it's now so biased it's a joke, and practically unwatchable. 

And all those stooges are doing are blowing their own credibility, and cutting their own throats.

But the bottom line, as Bruce Anderson points out, is that like it or not, the next election campaign has now begun.

“We’re shifting towards a new evaluative framework, one where voters spend less time comparing the Trudeau government to the Harper government, or to their expectations of Mr. Trudeau, and as time goes on, more time comparing Mr. Trudeau’s Liberals to the Conservatives under Mr. Scheer’s leadership and the Singh-led NDP. 

In that context, current levels of comfort with the direction of the country and the health of the economy are buttresses for Liberal support.

And we have to be ready, for it may well determine whether Canada lives, or becomes just a northern version of Trumpland.

You know, November in Canada can be a bleak time...

But I'm encouraged by two things that are becoming clearer and clearer.

The more we attack Scheer and let Canadians know who he really is.

The less they like him.

While the more the Cons and their media stooges attack Justin Trudeau, the more popular they make him...

November may be bleak.

Schmeagol may be scary.

But you can be sure of one thing.

The future belongs to us....


  1. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Few Canadians know about Scheer or care what he stands for. The Cons could bankrupt the party with ads about him, but as long as Trump and May continue to make a complete shitshow of conservative governance, Trudeau's got nothing to fear.

    1. Anonymous5:31 PM

      Not just Trump and May, but their deranged, bloodthirsty followers and ideological cohorts among the ignorant electorate with a cheap Internet connection. The more that "conservative governance" is associated with mouth-breathing troglodytes who vomit conspiratorial, hurtful bullshit claiming that "Justin is Castro's son, and he's gay, and Sophie is his dominatrix beard," "Pierre was a kiddy-fiddler who pimped Margaret to Satanic rock stars and sacrificed Misha to the Illuminati mountain gods," "Sacha is a covert operative for the ayatollah who turned his brother into a jihadist," and even going so low as to resort to bullying little Hadrien over his Halloween costume, the more "conservative governance" is going to go bankrupt in the eyes of the remaining decent right-of-center people. All that's left is a roaring mob of orcs shouting "PIZZAGATE!" as a battle cry and going into meltdowns that Julie Payette must know something about Hillary Clinton's child trafficking operation on Mars. But don't worry -- Geraldo's going to investigate it, and he'll find Vince Foster buried in a moon crater next to Michel Trudeau, Jimmy Hoffa, D.B. Cooper's money, and Nicole Brown-Simpson's "real" killer. Don't believe him? You must be a liberal, and therefore a globalist traitor who takes blood money from George Soros!

      But Trump and May (or their Pierre-era equivalents, Reagan and Thatcher) notwithstanding, this monstrosity of a hate group in Canada is Preston Manning's demon baby and out-of-control Frankenstein monster. Just the Nazi GOP can point to Lee Atwater and his Southern Strategy for why they mutated from the party of Honest Abe, Teddy Roosevelt, and General Ike into the party of Roy Moore, Fox News, and of course, Donald Trump. John Diefenbaker -- who condemned South African apartheid while Canada's southern neighbor was still viciously bickering over the humanity of black people (and is still doing so to this day, to the point where they elected an American Doltenfuhrer out of revenge for Barack Obama not "knowing his place") -- must be rolling in his grave. The Conservatives of today would make Ernst Zündel proud. They've even got a self-loathing Jewish kapo in Ezra Levant, as their Internet version of Joseph Goebbels.

      "Conservative governance" as a brand is going to carry with it the roiling stench of gas chambers and tiki torches for a long, long, looooooooong time. Maybe the next thing Geraldo should go search for (besides his own journalistic integrity) is some semblance of human decency among supporters and members of the modern-day GOP and the respective Conservative Parties of Britain and Canada. He'll find a real-live unicorn in North Korea before that happens.

    2. HI anon 9:51's true that by being the anti-Trump Justin Trudeau gets a boost, and if Canadians knew how bad the situation in Britain was, he'd get another lift, especially since Scheer loved Brexit so much he wrote an op-ed piece praising it. But the Con media is spreading lies, and working for the Cons, it will be the dirtiest election in Canadian history, so we will have to work hard to make sure our side wins...

    3. Hi anon 5:31 PM....yes, you're right, the next election will also be the biggest internet battle Canada has ever seen. All kinds of troll sites are already being setup, some friends who work in cyber security say they have seen evidence that the Russians are checking out the terrain. And the way the Cons managed to turn the debate over tax
      fairness into an orgy of lies and distortions with the help of our disgusting Con media, should be seen as a sign of things to come. I don't know if most Canadians have any idea what is about to come down on their heads, but God help them and our country if we're not ready....

  2. Elsewhere on this supposedly progressive portal, a Babbler has found a week old National Post in a dumpster and is pushing silly anti Trudeau tripe that those in the know saw as untrue a while ago. The Bayside bummer shrieks ' Trudeau was the only one who missed the meeting'. Well, anyone awake during the past few days knows that Abe was late and then personally cancelled the meeting. Again, underwear tightly knotted he whines about Trudeau calling a mass murder a murderer. Trump didn't do that he shouts. Well, true, but that"s what Canadians wanted Trudeau to do and that's why he is popular world wide.

    This blogger needs to find Regressive Bloggers and post there.

    1. Anonymous4:54 PM

      Did NOBODY in the filthy con rags pick up that Justin Trudeau criticized Trump's thug buddy Duterte at the same summit, over his genocidal "drug war" that, if the USGov had the opportunity, they'd copy over here? If Scheer was PM, he'd be fist-bumping right along with that dictator! Instead, Canadians are going to at last throw off the first of the shackles of the regressive and inhumane century-plus war against a plant. Canada already has safe-injection sites, for heroin addicts who are "just not ready" to enter treatment yet -- but would violently collapse in their death throes if they were to go cold turkey. This in direct contrast to Harper and Ambrose's cruel, Chicken Little moralizing that's within the same mentality as Duterte and the insufferable Covfeferate elf Jeff Secessions, the reefer-madness bigot who's in charge of the U.S. Dept. of Injustice.

      I'm not even Canadian, but I'm proud of "my" prime minister for getting under that maniac's skin. Figures the first place I found it was in a British tabloid rag like the Daily Fail. The National Compost isn't worth the toilet paper it's printed on, and the Conservative Bullshit Corporation bigly resembles Faux Noise or Russia Today more and more, believe me. I'm honestly surprised not to see a CBC logo in the corner of Levant's two-minute hate videos on Rebel Media.

    2. Hi rumleyfips....I know what blogger you are talking about, and like another one in our blogosphere he is an Liberal who was part of the old guard, and doesn't like the reforms Justin Trudeau has made. It's petty stuff, but one gets the impression those old guard members would like to see Trudeau lose, so they could regain their lost influence. It's pathetic, and dangerous, and along with the dotards who are always whining "Trudeau is worse than Harper" we shall have to fight them as well as the Cons. I am personally looking forward to it..l.😎

    3. Hi anon 4:54 pm....No, most of the Con media did their best to ignore Trudeau's criticism of Duterte, after having attacked him before the meeting for not criticizing him. In fact one wll known pseudo progressive writer even demanded that nobody praise Trudeau for criticizing Duterte, because it had done nothing to solve the problem. We are up against the sick and the senile, and the plain evil, and destroying them all is going to be a real pleasure....

  3. Anonymous2:42 PM

    The funny thing is that Scheer is always talking about his "positive message" and still can't restrain himself. What him and his Conservatives don't understand is that even when they might be critical of something he does or doesn't, Canadians see Justin as a good person, and those who attack him as nasty. Harper found that out the hard way, and so will Scheer.

    1. Anonymous5:09 PM

      It doesn't help either that legitimate disagreement gets lost in the mire of downright inhumane nastiness from Internet trolls who proudly wave the banner of the "Conservative brand" just like they do for the GOP and their "god emperor" WWE cult leader. I'm honestly surprised to see support for the cons among millennials higher than the single digits (or decimals), but then I have to remind myself that Dane Lloyds and, well, Lauren Southerns do exist.

      That said, those outliers are few and far between, and by far the majority of Canadians don't want their country to turn into the nuclear dumpster fire that is the "meth lab downstairs" as the late, great Robin Williams once said. No one with a shred of decency will miss the Republicans when they crash and burn either. Justin Trudeau isn't perfect -- no one is -- but one thing is for sure: he put the "polite" back in politics at a time when it's needed the most.

    2. Hi anon....yes, Scheer's Twitter site is always describing his "positive message" to Canadians. But sadly for him and his credibility, those "positive messages" are swimming in filthy attack ads, and the stench of hypocrisy and corruption is overwhelming. Those are bad evil people, traitors and Trumpkins, and we must unite to fight them and teach them a lesson they will never forget....

    3. Hi anon 5:09 pm...yes, that's what I like the most about Justin Trudeau, I can relate to his obvious decency, which is a quality that used to set us apart from others. Politeness, manners, respect for others, the things my parents taught me .at the time I didn't realize how important things like manners are, and I grumbled about all that stuff like teenagers are wont to do. But now I can't thank my parents enough. And I know exactly what kind of country I want...l

  4. Anonymous3:26 PM

    What this shows is the impotence of our biased media. They have been hammering Trudeau for weeks, and the Liberals are as popular as the day they were elected. That's what happens when the media loses touch with the lives of ordinary Canadians.

    1. Hi anon 3:26 pm....good point, I should have included it in my post. The Con media did indeed attack the Trudeau government like a bunch of hungry maggots, and they seem to have had the opposite effect from the one they were hoping for. Those grubby Con media types will have to be exposed and discredited long before the next election, or they will try to flood us with so-called fake news, and help the Cons steal the next election...

  5. I at age four decades or more became politically aware with the accession
    of Count IGGy. I swollwed all his gravitas and puked our Hillary Clinton
    after the election.

    JT is real, as for Singh I dont think he has real beliefs beyond power. Just like Jack Layton. Just Like Corby in the UK. I really believe in JT.

    Andrew Scheer is like a condom full of 18th century prairie sperm found
    in the badlands of Winnipeg. He will lead the cons back to a two seat Parliament. JT is correct and the rest of the team should comply, never
    mention this schmaltz as the leader of the opposition, because it would
    make every Canadian that believed in a true democracy cry.

    1. Hi Steve....I wish you were right, but I'm afraid for once you're too optimistic. The Con media is just a reflection of the most powerful economic interests in this country, and they want Trudeau defeated by whatever means necessary. The NDP are useless because although Jagmeet Singh seems to me to be a cool guy, the rest of the party is terminally bitter, and as Trudeau-hating as the Cons. I think Justin should and will win, but the cons and their friends are out to destroy him and he will be lucky to survive...

  6. Anonymous5:02 PM

    I'm guessing Scheer's makeup team didn't buy enough lipstick to cover this pig's odious agenda. The Scheer hypocrisy of this ad still has me shaking my head in astonishment Simon.
    They feebly tried to equate Scheer to a utopian society that he would easily fit right in. Admired and loved by all those so fortunate to be in his midst. A Godlike figure to those who worship at his feet(barf). Instead, he looks like some creepy single white male trolling for who knows what.
    In the video he appears to have his fists clenched like he was about to take a fit and the shots of him from a low angle gives him the appearance of a giant rat with his incisors on prominent display. He was definately not in his comfort zone and it showed.
    I'm sure he's back to the real Andrew now, scheming and Schmearing in the Con war room, his act on hold until the next Andrew the great ad.
    Alas, Happy Andy's ultimate downfall will come from his inability to connect with regular Canadians and his propensity to wilt and run when a tough question comes his way. He truly is in Harper's condescending words, "just not ready".

    1. Hi JD....yes, you would have to bring the lipstick in by the truck load to pretty up these Con swine. And if it wasn't so tragic and potentially dangerous, the sight of those Con hogs strutting around on their hind legs would be hilarious. But the good news is that they wouldn't be going to such absurd lengths to try to portray Scheer as Mr Nice, if they didn't have a big problem. Their smelly attack machine is losing them points, because Canadians are not as partisan as Americans, or at least the lunatic fringe in that country. The Cons are no longer really a Canadian Political party. All their inspiration and even their vocabulary comes from south of the border. And the more we portray them as the traitors they are, the more we shall damage them...