Monday, October 30, 2017

The Two Faces of the Shameless Andrew Scheer

As we all know Andrew Scheer likes to pose as a nice guy with a glued on smile, who is always inviting Canadians to hear what he calls his "positive message."

But let nobody be fooled, even some of his own Cons admiringly call him Andrew Smear.

Some of his opponents claim that he gets a perverted kick out of smearing his opponents.

And here he goes again.

And so much for Scheer's positive message.

But to understand why this one, like the one before it, is such a disgusting smear you have to read the story as reported by the Con media.

Sufferers of autism, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other mental health issues are the latest victims of a clampdown on access to the disability tax credit by the Canada Revenue Agency, according to several accountants, mental health associations and other advocacy groups.

And then since the Postmedia gang tend to bury the lead, read this story to find out who is really to blame. 

In 2005, a Disability Advisory Committee was established comprised of experts including Ms. Buchanan to report directly to the minister of revenue. 

Its mandate was to provide "a forum to identify the needs and expectations of the disability community" as "an important consultative forum through which members can provide helpful advice, comments and suggestions on tax measures for persons with disabilities."

But then, in 2006, according to Ms. Buchanan, the Harper government disbanded the advisory committee. Since then, it has again become increasingly more difficult for people with mental illnesses to qualify for the DTC partly because the tax form is so complicated. The form asks if activities are markedly restricted and adds in parentheses "at least 90 per cent of the time." 

It is based on this that many claims are rejected. Because of the 90 per cent or above threshold, many doctors are unwilling to fill out the form in the first place.

And the answer is the bestial Stephen Harper who disbanded the Disability Advisory Committee set up by the Liberals, and made it as hard to collect the DTC, as he made it to collect Employment Insurance.

And the Canada Revenue Agency, which for some reason started going after the mentally ill like a pack of rabid hyenas, as soon as the Liberals came to power.

Which leads me to ask the same question I asked only five days ago: Is the CRA helping the Cons smear the Liberals? 

And I'm sure has many of you asking this question: why is Andrew Scheer trying to smear the Trudeau government, instead of denouncing the CRA and the Harper regime?

And the answer to that last question is simple. 

Just ask the former NDP MP Lorne Nystrom who had the misfortune in 2004 to run against Scheer in the 2004 election.

Near the end of the campaign, Scheer accused him of being soft on child pornography, a charge so serious Nystrom considered suing Scheer for libel. “There’s a nastier streak there than you’d find in most candidates,” he said. “I don’t mean on the issues. (There) becomes, with him, a personal tinge to it.”

And has seen the other face of Andrew Scheer.

“Beneath that smile,” he said, “lies a pretty nasty and mean streak.”

The face of a nasty political monster who knows that if his Cons are to defeat the Liberals he must do all he can to destroy the reputation or likeability of Justin Trudeau.

A man far more decent and more Canadian than Scheer can ever hope to be.

And really what more can I say?

Except don't be fooled by Andrew Smear. 

Organize, unite, and drive him and his grubby Cons out of our parliament in the next election.

Before he poisons our country further...


  1. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Gotta agree, that article you link to in the Financial Post is garbage. It's deliberately vague on dates as it tries to spin this as something unique to Trudeau, but the high denial rate for DTC applications for mental disabilities is well-known and long predates the current government. I know this because I've been put through the wringer with a DTC application for my own kid with documented learning disabilities.

    That said, the opposition is doing what it's supposed to do - hold the current government to account. Despite the hypocrisy of the Cons complaining about a situation they helped create, I hope that pressure on the Libs on this issue will cause them to re-evaluate the DTC application process instead of just going along with what Harper put in place. It's been two years since the Blue Meanies were kicked to the curb; the Libs own this problem now. Let's see them fix it.

    1. Anonymous1:03 PM

      Remember what Simon just wrote, maybe someone at CRA involved in smear campaign, causing delays or failing to report honestly to minister? Just thinking out loud!

    2. Anonymous7:36 AM

      Maybe if Trudeau hadn't given the Revenue portfolio to a newly elected country bumpkin with a career in social work, the CRA wouldn't have time to run interference for the Cons. They'd be too busy criminally prosecuting tax cheats like KPMG and their offshore clients instead of letting them off with a tsk, tsk, don't do that again.

    3. hi anon 10:11 AM...I don't agree. It's true that DTC applications went up near the end of the Con regime, when they wee looking everywhere for money to "balance" their budget. But it really took off as soon as the Liberals came to power, so I strongly suspect a political motive. It's also hard to know when an enforcement rate has escalated, and normal governments are reluctant to interfere too much in the affairs of the CRA. But you're right, know the Liberals know the extent of the problem they must act quickly to correct it...

    4. hi anon 1:03...I don't pretend to know what is going on at the CRA. But I thought their behaviour during the Harper regime was very suspicious, and the way they are going after some of the most vulnerable Canadians is simply disgusting. We need a full public inquiry to restore confidence in that important institution...

    5. hi anon 7:36 am...yes, you might have a point. The minister seems out of her depth, and her statements are hardly reassuring. The Liberals need to put in someone who can be harder on the CRA, and fire anyone who screws around or plays political games. The reputation of the CRA is in the gutter, and only strong action can save it...

  2. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Shame on Scheer and the cons for exploiting desperate people's suffering for political points and lying about who put them in such a position in the first place. The last thing Justin Trudeau would ever do is throw the mentally ill under the bus. Not when his own mother is a sufferer of bipolar disorder and has since gone on to become a courageous mental health advocate, and her whole family has joined in to take up the mantle on this issue.

    Sophia too is a recovering bulimic who has made mental health and body-image positivity part of her activism for women's rights and empowerment. So the whole Trudeau family have made mental health awareness a personal campaign that is also incorporated into Justin's political platform. The Liberals care about the well-being of Canadians, mental health and otherwise. The cons would just as soon run them over with a bus and throw them down the stairs. Just like their hero Donald Trump.

    What a craven, ruthless manipulator and downright fraudulent pig is Andrew Scheer. I say this with the utmost apologies to pigs. Accusing another political opponent of being "soft on child pornography" without any evidence in the matter? Really Andrew? And the NDP wants to make friends with this guy's party and court a constituency of their deplorable conspiracy theorists? What's next, a Rebel Media investigation into the JFK files to find Justin's "Cuban birth certificate"? Accusing him of running a panda-trafficking network from the basement of a Tim Horton's? I know! Justin brought Hillary to Canada in Barack Obama's time machine, so she could frame that other guy when she was the real Parliament Hill shooter all along! (Back... and to the left.) Better have Wikileaks check JT's email account for secret halal risotto recipes sent from Sacha's imam in Tehran.

    "Wake up sheeple, there's a war on for your mind." All the more reason the Liberals and the Trudeaus in particular support mental health awareness and access to needed services and subsidies. There's at least 30% of the Canadian electorate who is downright certifiable.

    1. hi anon...yes, Scheer really is an appalling human being. He's been a political animal all his life, apart from six months as a stockbroker. He has always hung out on the extremist fringe of the conservative movement, and he's a smear artist if ever there was one. Like Harper I don't think he has an ounce of empathy, it's all debating points for him. But even Harper did something to advance the battle against mental illness, since one of his grandfathers had a breakdown and disappeared off the face of the earth, while Scheer seems content to use the mentally ill as a weapon against Trudeau.
      I pray that the monster will be exposed, and case into the hell where he belongs...

  3. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Accusing the Liberals of a problem the Cons created is practically criminal, since most Canadians who see that propaganda won't know the truth. It reminds me of the way Trump spews out lies, or throws mud at his opponents, hoping that some of it will stick. It's fake news at its worst.

    1. hi're right, it is a lot like Trump's modus operandi. Spew out one lie after another, so nobody has a chance to fact check anything before the next lie comes along. Now that The Rebel's Hamish Marshall is working for him again, you can expect those lies, and the so-called fake news to multiply. And that if we're not vigilant could affect the result of the next election...

  4. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Only the Cons would use the mentally ill to try to smear their opponents. And only the CRA would nickel and dime the mentally ill instead of going after the big fish, We need a public inquiry to see if a Con cell is still working inside the CRA, or Canadians will never trust them again.

    1. hi anon...I feel like you do. I don't know where our standard of decency has gone. I can't believe the CRA could be so brutish, and I think only a public inquiry or a police investigation can restore the confidence of Canadians in that tarnished institution...

  5. Anonymous5:16 PM

    So Andrew Schmear's former and still Dear Leader is to blame, again. The Schmear campaign were frothing at the mouth so bad trying to smear the Liberals over this but in their hasty, blind raged stupidity, forgot to check the facts of the matter, again.
    Thanks to Huffpost for reporting this for our anti JT MSM surely wouldn't have. But will they now?
    Thanks for the show Andrew, for I love nothing more than seeing a shit-slinging Con have it smeared right back in their own face.

    1. hi JD...I don't believe the Con media will make any effort to investigate what's going on, because all they are interested in is trying to smear the Liberals. I'm beginning to think that they are pissed off at the government for not shovelling money at them to prop up their failing media organizations. But whatever the reason it's absolutely disgusting and Canadians should hold them to account, and make them pay for their shameless partisan behaviour. Only out of the ashes of that shabby lot will come a better and more Canadian media....

  6. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Simon used to say that Scheer could be worse than Harper and now I understand why. Harper could only play one kind of character, the dour nerd with delusions of grandeur. Scheer on the other hand is able to morph like a chameleon and that makes him dangerous. I have a very bad feeling. Unless the MSM reveals the real Scheer, he could fool enough people to become Prime Minister.

    1. e.a.f.5:11 AM

      Do not rely on the MSM to "reveal the real scheer" They and their corporate friends would love to have the cons back in office. As I recall Post media supported the Cons in the last federal election. They tend to be a tad on the right of things, well its wrong, but its get the drift.

      In B.C. Post Media sat with its mouth closed while the New York Times exposed all sorts of fun and games in B.C. politics. Then we had the election and those B.C Lieberals, which are more like Cons, found themselves out of the winning circle.

    2. hi anon 9:31 PM...that you for making me feel like a prophet in my own time. I must put some batteries in my crystal ball and see if I can make some more predictions or at least predict a lottery winner. ;) Seriously though, I started noticing Scheer's Dr Jekyll and My Hyde behaviour when he was still Speaker. And now it's out of control. So let me predict that should he ever become Prime Minister, he will make Stephen harper look like a Barbie or Ken doll. The man is dangerous and he must be stopped...

  7. e.a.f.5:07 AM

    We can expect to see a lot of this from Scheer from now until the next election. he is using the same tactics Trump used, with some real success.

    Perhaps some one ought to remind Scheer how many disabled Vets were denied benefit by his party. Some one ought to remind Scheer, the Cons treated the Vets so miserably more of them killed themselves than were killed in over seas fighting. Some one ought to remind Scheer, how his party spent less on First Nations children health and education than on other children.

    if Scheer wants to smear there is enough mud left over from his days with his glorious leader, harper to do a real job on him. It won't be a smear it will simply remind voters of the Con track record of which Scheer was a part.

    1. hi e.a.f...yes, he is using the same tactics Trump used, and since our Con media isn't fact checking his lies, he's getting away with murder. And to make matters worse, the Liberals don't seem to have the fighting spirit to remind Scheer and his Cons of the way the Harper gang treated veterans and seniors and First Nations children and all the other victims of that cruel regime. I like Justin because he's a nice guy, but sooner or later he's going to have to fight fire with fire, or he is going to get steamrollered...

  8. e.a.f6:19 PM

    If a party responds to everything the Cons are saying they will deplete their energy come the election. Most of it can be save for the 6 or 8 months prior to that. Until then I would suggest the federal Liberals continue on their course.