Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Many Crusades of the Con Monster Andrew Scheer

As I'm sure you know by now, the sinister religious fanatic Andrew Scheer is on a crusade to try to turn Canada into a theocracy.

Two days ago I told you how he had humiliated the would be feminist Rona Ambrose, by arranging to replace her with a candidate who once called feminists "feminazis."

And has strong alt-right tendencies.

Which couldn't be more deeply disturbing or less Canadian.

But that's not the only depraved crusade Scheer is on.

Ten days ago I told you how he gave decent Canadian women a slap in the face, by appointing Rachael Harder to be the chair of the Committee for the Status of Women. 

Even though Harder doesn't believe that a woman should control her own body, and neither does Scheer.

And when that appointment was rejected, he had the nerve to claim that it had nothing with abortion, and everything to do with freedom of speech.

Only to have Michael Coren sound the alarm and warn Canadians not to be fooled. 

Do not be misled. The intention of the anti-abortion movement is the complete removal of reproductive rights, and the criminalization of medical staff daring to perform terminations. Most activists claim they wouldn’t penalize women who have abortions but, with all due respect, I don’t believe them. I know them just a little too well.

When the Christian right speaks of freedom of speech it generally means freedom for it and not other people.

Their aim is absolute, punitive, and fundamentalist.

And if that sneaky attempt to please his rabid religious base wasn't bad enough, Scheer has another stealthy crusade going.

This one headed by his very good buddy and fellow anti-gay bigot Brad Trost...

Who wants parliament to kill liberal plans to legalize marijuana. 

Almost 13,000 people have signed a petition sponsored by Saskatoon–University MP Brad Trost calling on Canadian lawmakers to revoke legislation that is expected to legalize the use and possession of recreational marijuana next summer.

And since Scheer owes Trost big time...

Trost, who was elected in 2004, is well known for espousing socially conservative views, including opposition to abortion. Earlier this year, his socially conservative supporters helped elect his fellow Saskatchewan MP Andrew Scheer to the Conservative leadership.

One can only imagine what might happen if the Creeper and his reactionary Cons were ever returned to office...

Which believe it or not could happen, at least according to this new poll. 

Long removed from heady memories of buoyant voters, a bright change in tone, and easy wins with the public, Canadians are approaching the two-year anniversary of the 2015 election with a far less enthusiastic, even jaundiced eye on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government.

Were an election held tomorrow – the Liberal Party would find itself in a dead heat with the Conservative Party – fighting to hold onto power.

Now I'm not sure I can believe this latest Angus Reid poll, when the last one claimed that Canadians wanted Trudeau to be prime minister, but Scheer's Cons to form a government. 

And this new one also claims that the TransMountain pipeline is hugely popular even in B.C...

But let's say the poll is accurate, what does it say about about the dotards in this country who would return the country to the Cons after only two years?

Including those in our own ranks...

And what should we call THEM?

Silly old buggers, or senile sods, or should we just give them a pair of Andrew Scheer's dad socks?

To pull over the heads during the day, or sniff hungrily at night.

Oh boy, as I said in one of my last posts the new generation can't take over soon enough.

But for those old or young who wish something better for this country, may I suggest it's time to get serious.

Time to take off the gloves, start administering a little punishment.

And fight for this country as hard as we can...


  1. How about time to take off the gloves and do some inspiring government work? The liberals won't get far running in the mud with the cons...that is their natural habitat at this point. How about doing something big and bold and helpful (natives could use drinkable water and fully funded health care, they could actually do something helpful for the environment, just to offer two).

    The last election showed most Canadians want to be inspired, but you only get to run on that once without actually doing the things you promised. The cons want a dirty fight that keeps most potential voters turned away...their followers will vote anyway...

    1. Anonymous1:10 PM

      Blame the Americans in part. Trudeau has his hands full trying to ward off and appease the insane lunatic to the south, whose deranged, racist policies and rhetoric has caused Dreamers and other immigrants of grey-area legal status to flee the U.S. and go north seeking a "sanctuary" away from Trump. Not to mention, his repeated threats to rip up NAFTA and cost the country millions of jobs, which he already said this past week that "Justin will be fine with, 'cause he's a nice guy." Not "nice" enough to let a dementia patient wreck his country's economy from abroad!

      The Canadians would do well to recognize that a Scheer-Trump partnership (or Scheer and his fellow holy-roller Pence) would be an irrevocable disaster for both countries if not the world. Singh better not split the vote by essentially copying Justin's homework and relying on the "Canadian Barack Obama" demographic precedent appeal, and disaffected older Grit voters upset by Trudeau's support human rights for women, minorities and LGBT better not fall for the prairie fundamentalist's snake oil or Canada will be back in the muck -- and it's not clear whether they'll get out.

      Hopefully 2019 doesn't end up like 1972 for the younger Trudeau -- or worse, 1979. The landscape is very different today than it was when his father was in office. The Internet didn't exist, and Nixon was a troublemaking crank but he was nowhere near as insane or as much of a threat as Trump. Joe Clark was no Andrew Scheer. Even Mulroney was no Andrew Scheer. If friendly Canada falls to fascism due to various political flukes, it would break my heart. Listen to your heart, Canada, before you tell him good-bye.

    2. Anonymous4:30 PM

      1972 is good with me so long as 1974 follows.

    3. Hi Aweb...I can't disagree with that, I would love to see us all join in a massive project, like for example making sure that every native community has a proper supply of drinking water. But while the government is distracted by the battle to try to preserve Canadian jobs, we must help make sure that the alt-right doesn't push people around, and we need to fight back at the "fake news" the Cons and the corporate media are spreading. I dream of seeing progressives become a mighty movement, and the best way to make that happen is for us to stop fighting ourselves and concentrate on fighting the real enemy...

    4. Hi anon 1:10....I agree with you completely. The Trump regime is a massive distraction, and the government has no choice but fight to protect our economy. The Con media has helped make things even more difficult, by helping the Cons turn the attempt to make taxes fairer into politically motivated confusion. So yes, the danger is great, and we must not let the Cons get away with it. We need to be hard on them, and hard on the dotards who would undermine our efforts, or stab us in the back. After working so long and so hard to help bring down the Harper regime, I was looking forward to some quiet relaxing years. So much for that. But that's OK, the harder the struggle, the sweeter the victory...

  2. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Voter in his 20's here. Will be voting for Scheer and making my gf vote Con too. See ya later!

    PS My generation doesn't really read boring old blogs. Get with the times.

    1. Anonymous1:01 PM

      WOW just WOW---*making* your gf vote Con!! This statement just shows me what you and your kind are really all about.

    2. Anonymous1:14 PM

      "Making" your girlfriend vote a certain way? Typical selfish, con misogynist. You sound like you're squarely in Scheer's camp, or should I say Kampf. No, apparently your generation doesn't read "boring old blogs," or read much at all beyond 140 (or is it 280 now?) characters. Your generation is the one that gave the world 4chan, Pepe the Frog, Milo Hitlerpotamus, and the Trump train running on time, over budget, and over everyone else tied up to the tracks. Doesn't surprise me at all that a Dane Lloyd wannabe would team up with the woman-hating creep. "Make America Germany Again," and Canada too, eh? Wow. Just when I thought the kids are all right, it turns out they're alt-right. Sad.

    3. Anonymous1:48 PM

      Why would you think anyone’s interested in you voting history or intentions?

    4. Anonymous2:41 PM

      Anon 1:48 -- there are some people who never heard the old proverb, "it is better to keep one's mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and prove it." Anon 9:47 is either a troll who's lulz-ing as he generates friction in the replies to his comment, or he really is a woman-hating, controlling SOB who thinks it's perfectly acceptable to "make" his girlfriend do anything.

      The third possibility is that his girlfriend is a balloon float, and he's going to face trouble with the elections commission for trying to sign her up to vote. Although, considering it's the cons, I wouldn't doubt all of them have helium-filled girlfriends "inflating" their artificial vote count.

      Me? I'm not even from Canada; I'm from the Untied States of Orangustan. After having already lived through a year (and only a year) of Cheeto Fingers McCovfefegrabber, and now seeing the vomit-inducing details of the Weinstein legacy, I really, really, really want Feminist Dad to win re-election. Say what you will about him not being perfect or fumbling the ball on a number of occasions. You really gotta admire a guy who DGAF so much about the knuckle-draggers that he wrote an op-ed about raising feminist sons for Marie Claire.

    5. Hi anon 9:47 am...well I never said millennials were perfect, but most are not as bad as you. Do you seriously believe that women need to be told who to vote for? Shame on you. You are of course free to vote for Pastor Scheer, but you should know that most millennials will not follow you example. As for blogs, it's true that many millennials don't write or read blogs. But not as many as you imagine. They are increasingly politicized, not all of us can spend all day playing stupid violent video games. So get with the times before you end up looking both boring and dumb....

    6. HI anon 1:14....please don't judge the new generation by that nonsensical comment from that member of the Scheer Youth, or the Pepe Youth. Most of the kids are all right.
      And most of those who get caught up in the Trumpkin cult are just ignorant, and will one day grow up, and be sorry for the asinine things they said or did. And believe me they will never intimidate us or defeat us...

  3. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Good thing you're Anonymous b/c I think your girl friend (if you have one) would have something to say about that. If you choose not to respect women , especially the one you're with , don't expect any in return. Signed #mikejlavigne

    1. Hi Mike....well said, I'm glad I follow your Twitter feed, where I see you fighting bravely to turn back the filthy Cons and their foul propaganda. As for linking my blog to Twitter I have always hesitated to do that for a number of reasons. Firstly I have always tried to keep my exposure to social media as limited as possible. I'm not on Facebook, and prefer not to battle with anyone on Twitter or anywhere else for that matter. I write other stuff, blogging is part of my quiet time, and I'd like to keep it that way. Still I will think about what you say, and maybe I'll change my mind. Fame and fortune here I come !! ;)

  4. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Simon , Are you going to add Twitter handles to your 'Comment as' ? @mikejlavigne

    1. Anonymous5:32 PM

      I don't know if that's Simon's call or whether Google has implemented this feature in the Blogger commenting API. (It appears to be seriously outdated as it also includes the soon-to-be-defunct AIM and the 2006-era platform LiveJournal in the list of options. LiveJournal/Six Apart is still a favorite of Russkies, so you probably don't want to see a lot of those profiles showing up on your blog...)

      Disqus allows for signing in with Twitter, but it is very buggy and prone to attracting drive-by trolls. So I doubt Simon will want to replace the native commenting block with that. For now, if you want to add your Twitter handle, I believe you can do so by selecting "Name/URL" and then putting in the URL blank under your name.

      Just a suggestion if that's your thing.

    2. Hi anon....thanks, that's useful information. I appreciate it. I really have some great readers...

  5. Anonymous3:33 PM

    The Mound really is pathetic. He flies a Canadian flag upside down, but admits he has voted for the cons many times, and during the con regime spent more time attacking Tom Mulcair than he did Harper. And now he blames Justin for everything.

    1. Anonymous3:53 PM

      What do you expect when the guy once said Justin was a bitch and he'd like to rape him in jail? Sick.

    2. Anonymous5:24 PM

      How disgusting then that this Mound of (something else) isn't in jail for saying so. Canada, fix your hate speech laws. Things are getting bigly dangerous in your neck of the woods.

    3. .. look forward to your reference link or source on Mound suggesting he'd like to rspe Justin in jail .. of course there's friction between Simon & the Mound.. they hardly agree on anything.. being cut from completely different Canadian cloth - so to speak. So please get that reference link posted here, thanks ..and if you don't or cannot.. well amen then..

    4. Hi anon 3:33...yes, he isn't the only progressive who demonizes Trudeau, but he is a smart person so he should know bette. I've told him that many times, told him it's OK to criticize the Prime Minister. But he can't seem to help himself, and in a country where Trudeau is exposed to so many violent comments ( I have over forty death threats in my files that are aimed at him, and more than a dozen aimed at me) he really does need to tone down his language. And accusing Trudeau of being worse than Harper is simply absurd...

    5. Hi anon be fair, Mound never said that HE wanted to rape Justin in jail, just that others should do it. Which is a little bit better, but still unnecessary and deplorable. We don't need that kind of language in Canada...

    6. Hi salamander....I have a scree cap of Mound's post where he calls Trudeau a bitch and suggests he should be raped in jail. And I have written about it twice and I have no intention. Just like I have another screen cap of Mound in a comment to his good friend Lorne saying that gays should be neither seen or heard. And if that isn't enough, I also have vile anonymous anti gay comments I have received, with his IP numbers. Certified by the police. So I think I have been quite restrained in my dealings with him, which quite frankly he doesn't deserve. Did you really think that I would make up stuff like that? There are two Mounds, one you know and one you don't. I believe his hostility towards me came from the days when Progressive Bloggers had a voting system, and try as he might he couldn't beat me. I couldn't care less about my standing, but he did, and I've been paying for it ever since...

  6. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Those look like the kind of socks that lonely alt-righters in their mom's basements jerk off into after watching anime.

    1. Anonymous5:23 PM

      Nah, too vanilla. You just know they jerk off into the Star Wars socks because they're hypocrites who have a perverse love-hate relationship with Justin the "cuck." Just like our old found friend Ezra Levant probably has a copy of Common Ground under his pillow with the pages stuck together.

    2. Hi guys...i won't go as far as that. Using Scheer's dad socks for sexual purposes is simply to horrifying to even contemplate. But what I will say is that if I put on a pair, and somebody saw me wearing them, I would probably dies of embarrassment....

  7. Maybe feminists should be more worried about why feminism has become synonymous with tyranny and authoritarianism in the first place then one conservative said.

    1. Anonymous5:21 PM

      Like toxic masculinity hasn't been authoritative and tyrannical for thousands of years. You sound like Lloyd with his "feminazi" comment It's only associated with "authoritarianism" because cons don't like being told no and having to follow rules of basic human decency. The bra-burning man-hater is a vicious stereotype. Go read Trudeau's essay at Marie Claire for why this is NOT what feminism is.

    2. Hi seem to be a reasonable guy, so why does the mere mention of feminism bring out the worst in you? Maybe you had a bad experience with a feminist, but even if that 's the case you can't use that to tar a whole progressive movement. Women are the main victims of the gender wars, and surely the Harvey Weinstein scandal should remind you of how far too many men act like pigs...

  8. the best way to douse the con flame forever is a democratic voting system
    Did the men in black get to Justin?