Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Day Andrew Scheer Was Impaled On His Own Petard

Andrew Scheer tries so hard to hide his religious fanaticism behind a facade of normality.

And a creepy smile that seems almost screwed or glued on to his face.

But something always give him away. 

Like the way he went after Justin Trudeau for defending Julie Payette.

Or his burning obsession with punishing universities for failing to live up to his idea of free speech.

Which in his case, amounts to the freedom to plaster campuses all over Canada with these kind of posters...

Even if most universities and most students don't want them.

As a right-wing Catholic extremist, it's also a good excuse for Scheer to bash secular and liberal values. 

As well as the Canadians he hates the most...

While trying to bait Justin Trudeau into denouncing those who would defend the human rights of trans people and other minorities.

But as I've pointed out before, that can make Scheer and his stooges in the media look both dangerous and idiotic. 

And sadly for Schmeagol, it seems to be happening again.

He has tempted the hand of fate, and found himself impaled on his own petard...

Or worse, caught between free speech, women's rights, and a Catholic university.

A Catholic university in Ottawa cancelled a contracted screening of an award-winning documentary about a doctor who provides abortions at sea and told organizers that they could either change the film or go somewhere else.

Now the Liberals are the ones demanding that the Con Defenders of the Faith stand up for free speech.

And Scheer and his new campaign manager Hamish Marshall are running for cover...

Global News requested a comment from Scheer on Saint Paul University’s decision not to allow the film to be shown on campus but has not received a response.

Because he knows he can't win that one.

One false move and he could be crucified, or die of hypocrisy.

And what's worse, he's not going to win this one either.

Justin Trudeau is going to look noble and decent, and somebody who is standing up for our Canadian values.

While Scheer and his Cons are going to look like religious fanatics, bigots, and Trump supporters.

Lose the support of young Canadians for at least a generation.

And dig their own graves just a little bit deeper...

You know, in a better time, the media would be denouncing those dangerous religious fanatics who threaten our democracy.

And are trying to take over our parliament.

But we live in dark times, the Con media is useless, and part of the problem. 

So we must do it ourselves.

Resist those ghastly un-Canadian Cons and their creepy leader.

Before they turn us into a theocracy, and tear this country apart...


  1. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Scheer is one of the crazies that Harper muzzled from 2006-15.

  2. The pronoun thing is not anything I care about but its kind of ridiculous. If we need a third pronoun it should be person and lets just stop at that.

    If people refuse to acknowledge the LGBT community lets stop that.
    Otherwise we have much bigger fish to fry together.

    1. hi Steve...the pronoun thing is a small issue, unless you are a trans person and it's part of your identity. Trans people are a small minority inside a minority, and those who make a big deal out of what they choose to call themselves are acting only as bigots and bullies. And the bigger fish we have to fry is that Andrew Scheer is a religious fanatic of the first order, and should never be in a position to become Prime Minister...

  3. hi anon ...Harper knew exactly who Scheer was, but didn't really have to muzzle him because he made him Speaker, a position that muzzles itself. But because Scheer was the Speaker the media didn't think it worthwhile to look into his background, and only now are we finding out who he really is....

  4. Anonymous11:37 AM

    This couldn't be more perfect. If Scheer fails to defend freedom of speech at that Catholic institution, he will reveal himself to be a hypocrite and a religious fanatic. And if he does condemn the university he will annoy many of his religious crazies, so as you said he really can't win.

    1. hi anon...I agree, it's a miracle or a blessing, and just in time to embarrass Scheer and put a dent in his hateful campaign. I will be watching that religious bigot closely, to see what he does, or whether he suddenly loses his tongue. Those dumb Cons are still making the same mistakes, and they're still going nowhere...

  5. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Speaking of pronouns, I'd love to know what he thinks of the Church of Sweden's decision to no longer refer to God as "he," but use a gender-neutral pronoun (that apparently does exist in Nordic languages, but not in Latin ones like French or the mutt language that is English).

    I wonder, would he stand up for the "religious freedom" of a guest speaker from the Church of Sweden to present an invocation using the gender-neutral godhead term, or would he insist that the Catholic university require that speaker to adhere to its patriarchal language? What about Two-Spirit First Nations people? Not all cultures even recognize the "gender binary." Does he think it's OK for the "majority culture" to once more erase another element of the indigenous people's way of life? Anyone? Scheer? Bueller? Religion itself is a lot of bunkum, but the past couple of weeks have presented quite a bind for the wee altar boy to get himself tangled in, and a peculiar cross that he's crucifying himself upon.

    Jordan Peterson is a condescending bigot hiding behind the mask of esoteric philosophy and "intellectualism," and a narrowly-focused, inflexible, and outdated view of psychology and mental illness. The APA itself, in a memorable decision, removed homosexuality from the DSM in 1973 (five years after Pierre made his famous "the state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation" speech). They've since gone on to say that depression and other mental illnesses are not themselves part and parcel of being transgender or gender-non-binary, but a normal reaction to bullying. "Dysphoria" remains in the book primarily as a way of getting insurance coverage for transition services (which can include anything from surgery to hormones to simply psychological support). But it is no more a disorder to be transgender or gender-creative than it is to be left-handed or ambidextrous. (Oh, and someone needs to tell the online trolls to knock off the stupid intentional misspelling of "Justine" and FFS leave his kid alone.)

    So Peterson is not only a bigot, but a quack who's clearly not up on the latest findings of his own field. He uses dictionary words and his "academic credentials" to make others feel small. He abuses his position of power. For Scheer to take up the mantle for this unqualified jerk speaks volumes about who he is. They want to play "guilt by association" with Justin's family friends, i.e. the Aga Khan and the ginger-ale guy? Fine, two can play at that game. The Aga Khan is a peaceful reformer, and Bronfman was a friend of Pierre's, who you can't call to the stand because he's been dead for almost 20 years. Unless Scheer thinks he's so tight with God that he can make the old man be resurrected from his tomb and do a pirouette for his hundredth birthday.

    Make Scheer answer for his ties to Peterson (who not many people know about, but who they need to be made aware of more and more, believe me), to Dane Lloyd (who is a dopey clown bigot and doesn't even have nice hair, SAD!) and to Ezra Levant (who everybody by now should know is a crooked, lying loser and a radical Trumpist terrorist). He who lives by the poison pen dies by his own sword.

    1. Of course there is a gender-neutral pronoun in English: it. However its use for people (and to my mind, for other animals) is derogatory, so that is out. I would like to find something other than "they", which is a plural.

    2. hi anon 1:13 pm...thank you for a truly magnificent comment, which I found fascinating. And I'm so glad you agree with me that Peterson is a grubby bigot, because the Con media, and even some "progressive bloggers" are treating him like a hero. And as you say, Scheer's actions in that regard tell us all we need to know about him. I don't know much about trans people, I've only met one so far, a Billy who became a Jillian. But she's awfully nice, trans people are treated horribly, and as far as I'm concerned those who make a big deal out of names and pronouns are only trying to bully them. I don't know why some people have a compulsive desire to stick their noses into other people's business, and sit in judgement upon them, but it absolutely disgusts me. My philosophy has always been live and let live, and the more diversity the better. And any Con who sticks his nose into my business better be prepared to lose it...

    3. hi lagatta...I don't know anything about the expressions trans people use, but they must use them for some reason, and Peterson is a transphobic bigot who is only using the issue to try to humiliate them, and make a lot of money as an Alt-right "star." So as far as I'm concerned he can just fuck off...

  6. I cannot tell if scheduling that presentation at St. Paul's University was a simple blunder by the organizers or an act of political brilliance. I'd like to think it was brilliance.

    I'd never realised that it had undergraduates. For some reason, I had thought it was a Catholic seminary and post-graduate institution. only.

    1. hi jrkrideau...I don't think that group was trying to stir up trouble, and I don't think the university was to blame. When I read between the lines I strongly suspect that the Archbishop was responsible. When will those men in dresses stop denying women control over their own bodies? The film which involves a doctor helping some of the most desperate people on earth sounds like something good Christians should be encouraging rather than discouraging...

  7. Anonymous4:18 PM

    No young Canadian needs to be forced to listen to the transphobic bigot Jordan Peterson. And the only reason that teaching assistant is being hailed as a martyr is because she's playing to that bigotry. The university may have laid it on a bit thick, but she's just a useful idiot for Scheer and his Rebel Nazis.

    1. hi anon...yes I agree with you, and I found it very interesting that most of the students in that class are giving the teaching assistant the cold shoulder. She may have excited Scheer, and the old geezers in the Con media, but they know what she is and they're not impressed....

  8. e. a. f.4:40 PM

    Scheer and his ilk would like to classify hate speech as part of free speech. He needs to understand people know the difference. Peddling his brand of "free speech" is part of trying to get Canadians to accept his position as "normal". When you try to deny other Canadians the right to control their own bodies and their own identify you are engaging in censorship, which is not free speech. some of those cons will never understand it.