Friday, October 06, 2017

Is Andrew Scheer Canada's Milo Yiannopoulos?

In my last post I looked at how the creepy social conservative Andrew Scheer was accusing the Trudeau Liberals of "intolerance," for refusing to accept his nomination of Rachael Harder as chair of the Committee on the Status of Women.

Claiming that he was surprised and shocked that Harder's candidacy was rejected just because she doesn't accept a woman's right to control her own body.

But as even the Con friendly Tasha Khieriddin points out, Scheer's claim that he was caught by surprise is absurd.

He knew exactly what he was doing.

And was just trying to turn Harder into a martyr to provoke the Liberals and the NDP, and pleasure his rabid religious base. 

When one is the opposition critic for Status of Women, one is by convention nominated as committee chair. Scheer would have known this. He also would have known that the Liberals would oppose her nomination due to her views on abortion. 

By putting Harder in that position, Scheer may have been spoiling for a fight — one which the Liberals were all too eager to give him. That may have more to do with rewarding his base than expanding the Conservative tent.

By pandering to that base like Stephen Harper was always doing...

Harper refused to fund abortions overseas as part of the Women’s Health Initiative. He created an Office of Religious Freedoms to defend the interests of persecuted faith communities, mostly Christian, abroad. Scheer, following the track laid down by his old boss, nominates a female pro-life MP as critic for Status of Women.

Which had the parliamentary correspondent Dale Smith accusing Scheer of playing provocation theatre.

It was then that I finally understood what was going on. Andrew Scheer is trying to be a Dollarama knock-off Ann Coulter/Milo Yiannopoulos provocateur. 

The signs were all there, from his preoccupation with free speech on campus, to his appropriation of the kinds of alt-right language being used to weaponize free speech across North America, and this move with Harder fits that bill entirely.

As only the grotesque Milo Scheer could...

It was also his way of provoking another round of discussion about the abortion issue without his having to deliberately raise it – he just ensured that the Liberals and NDP would do it for him, and he could stand back and accuse them of “politicizing” the issue, and then getting Harder to play victim.

Which should tell Canadians all they need to know about Andrew Scheer, and serve as an early warning about the kind of religious fanatic we are dealing with.

Stephen Harper pandered to his base, but Scheer is that base...

And unless him and his monstrous bigot Cons are shrunk and eventually defeated.

Canadians could wake up one day in a country they don't recognize...


  1. Note that the feminazi dude is also against responsible fatherhood:
    "you could argue young children could legally be left to die because of their dependence on mothers."

    Huh, once they are out of the womb, they are also dependent on their dads, eh? And once breast-or-bottle is out of the way, there is NO difference between the capacity or the duty of mothers and fathers to care for their children (we won't confuse him by bringing up single mothers, young widowed fathers, adoptive parents and those scary same-sex parents).

    1. Hi left the comment on the wrong post, but yes Dane Lloyd is a total loser, which as I pointed out makes Scheer's endorsing him even worse. I seem to be the only blogger in this country who has noticed how Scheer is building a circle of religious fanatics and Rebel reactionaries around him. Fortunately sooner or later the MSM will notice and he will pay for it...

  2. No responsible politician talks about abortion, birth control or sexual orientation. These are overwhelming decided issues in our democracy.
    What we should be talking about is the role of religion in politics. Mr Singh
    you have every right to run as a devout Sikh. I have every right to disqualify you for believing in a sky god.
    Lets stop religion from interfering with humanity.

    1. Hi Steve...Singh seems like a nice guy, but he is obviously very religious, so I need to find out more about how he intends to manage the balance between religious and secular values. Like you I believe that religion does more harm than good...

    2. Anonymous4:34 PM

      So bigotry is good, as long as it is the progressive kind.


    3. The fact that you are freaking out so hard about Jagmeet Singh makes me feel so good about him right now.

      As for religion, both Scheer and Trudeau are as religious or more so then Singh, it just that there religion doesn't come with a uniform. So is it out of sight out of mind, or will you disqualify both Trudeau and Scheer who are devout Catholics from your vote for their belief in a Sky-God?

    4. Jagmeet Singh ran on decriminalization both drugs and Prostitution, had a GLBT promises, so yeah he's not some Socon.

    5. Milo is stylish and flamboyant and Scheer is neither of those things. Plus Milo's Gay.

      Scheer is also more pro immigrant.

    6. Anonymous6:20 PM

      The cons? Pro-immigrant? Haha. Only the "right" -- that is "white" -- kind of immigrants. Scheer would have your boy Singh tossed out in a heartbeat for not being an "old-stock" Canadian just to appease his foam-at-the-mouth base.

      You must be a con troll or just a deluded leftist if you're posting favorable stuff about the detestable Scheer at the same time you're "excited" for Singh. What is it about middle-of-the-road, "Common Ground" Trudeau you don't like so much that you see him as the enemy instead of either of the extremes? 40-year-old outdated agitprop about his father?

      Clearly neither of the extremes on the right or left cares about what's best for their country but just wants to hold it hostage and Bern it down if they don't get their way. I have no sympathy for the Sanderista Liberation Army in the U.S. that got us Trump, and I will be sorely P.O.'ed if an insurgent crew of leftist brats in Canada siphons enough votes from the Liberals to get Harper II in office.

      Fight the real enemy. It's not Justin. It's Scheer, Trump and anyone who would sabotage the sensible candidates for their own agenda to thus result with a Scheer or Trump in office by default. Do you like Trump? If you don't, then look at your own side -- the Susan Sarandons of the world -- to lay as much blame on them as Republicans and Russia. Justin isn't likable enough, wears a pant suit, etc. etc., yeah, I don't want to be seeing a What Happened, Eh? on the bookshelves anytime soon.

      Learn to compromise and put country above party.

      Fight. The. Real. Enemy.

    7. Hi everyone...don't shoot it's only Simon. I have no idea how my post on Scheer and the abortion question sparked a head discussion about Jagmeet Singh. But I promise to write a post about him soon, guaranteed to annoy EVERYONE !!!

  3. Anonymous12:02 PM

    I think you've pinned the Milo tail on the wrong ass, Simon. It belongs on Rachel Harder, not Scheer.

    As an openly gay man who likes "black guys for my love life" and who could legitimately claim to be Jewish when it suited him, Milo's main function at Breitfart was to provide cover for Bannon and his organization against charges of racism, antisemitism and homophobia. After all, if Milo said it, how could it be racist, antisemitic or anti-LGBT?

    In fact, cons have a long history of hiring people from groups they hate and sending them out to deflect criticism of their hatred for that group. When it was clear Mulroney and the party were going down in flames, who did the Cons make PM? Kim Campbell, of course, forever making them the first party with a woman PM - checkmate libtards. Who did they send out to repair the damage Harper had done with female voters? Rona Ambrose, of course. How did the GOP respond to the first black president? Make Michael Steele party leader to endorse all the racist crap the party was spewing.

    Rachel Harder's role is to provide cover for misogynist, forced-birther men like Scheer. She's a collaborator, a kapo, a Milo.

    1. Hi anon...I admit that photo shop was not one of creations. My buddy gave it the French "bof" which is sort of like rolling your eyes, just worse. And one of my friends just texted me to say he thought it was homophobic. So total failure all around. But I was just trying to illustrate Dale Smith's story, and my original intention was to turn Speer into Ann Coulter. However, that proved difficult because of Coulter's hair, her long neck, and her large Adam's apple, and I ran out of blogging time, and I had to do what I could before running out of the door. Hopefully I can do better next time...

  4. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Buzzfeed, home of memeworthy listicles and Cosmo-style personality quizzes about 1980s cartoon characters and 8-bit emoji, isn't normally known for their hard-hitting investigative journalism. But they actually have a pretty good read (and frightening) about the dark-money initiatives that created the glitterbomb of mass destruction that is Milo Yiannopoulos -- and, by extension, Bannon and Trump.

    As Canada's equivalent of Breitbart goes on life support (Rebel isn't dead in the water yet), we could see the alt-right flocking to Breitbart to get their fix (and Scheer granting them interviews just like he did with Rebel). Make no mistake, Bannon has the fix in for Justin Trudeau, who he despises for his compassion toward refugees and his proudly declared feminism, and has declared an enemy of the people for being "Vanilla Obama" and "Hillary in a dress" (yes, that's actually what Justin is called over there), a "puppet" of boogeyman George Soros, and like everyone else he loathes (including even Jared Kushner), a weak and spineless "cuck."

    The comment sections are rife with vile invective hurled at Sophie, Margaret, Pierre, Sacha, and even the children and poor dead Michel. Note that it was Breitbart that originated the Castrogate birther conspiracy that lives on to this day just like Obama's. (They're not even creative in their conspiracies, but they don't care.) Milo himself has said some of the most disgusting and vulgar things about Justin Trudeau. If you go on YouTube and search "Joe Rogan Milo Justin Trudeau" as keywords, at some point in the interview Milo projects a sarcastic and R-rated "sexual fantasy" onto him.

    But Milo is not in this alone as a mere attention-seeking YouTube personality and neither is Bannon. Breitbart and its offshoots are backed by dark money from a ruthless billionaire father-and-daughter duo named Robert and Rebekah Mercer. (Thankfully, no relation to your Rick Mercer.) They have every intent of taking their hatewing, oligarchal Trump revolution international. Which means that, with Rebel floundering, they might either send Levant a lifeboat or expand Breitbart into Canada. That indeed is where Scheer will find his audience in Rebel's absence.

    This is frightening, because as you'll see in that Buzzfeed article, it was Breitbart who played a bigly yuge role in planting Trump in the White House. But as people suffer and die under the Trump regime, Milo, like his ideological cohorts at 4chan, Reddit and scattered among various other comment sections on the mainstream web, will just shrug his shoulders and say that it's "for the lulz." Bannon will shrug his shoulders (and hiccup after his fifth bottle of whiskey of the morning) and say that anyone who opposes Trump's revolution is a globalist and a "cuck." The Mercers and their ilk will be laughing all the way to the bank. They'll be throwing paper towels into the crowd for the plebs and the hated "globalists" to "mop up your salty liberal tears."

    It'd be nice if the Internet was just for porn. Instead, it's for hate. So much for "make love not war."

    1. Hi anon...thanks for the link to that Buzzfeed article. It's great insight into the weird world of Bannon and company. It also reveals the nefarious influence of Robert Mercer. If there is any justice they'll all be put on trial one day. How that criminal gang and their ghastly leader ever seized control of the U.S. Is something I still find hard to believe. But one thing is for sure, progressives need to become much tougher and much more ruthless, or this nightmare will go on forever....

  5. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Kudos to Tasha K. for highlighting Scheer's treatment of women. He does like to employ, no, use their services as props to stir things up while he tries to play the gallant leader coming to their defense. I'd bet money that it was he who compelled Michelle Rempel to go on Fox News to bash Canada after the Khadr settlement so she is the one taking the flak and the one seen as a traitor.
    Scheer is as big a coward as Harper ever was by letting his hapless MP's do the dirty work for him. And should things go south, I'm sure he's got Harper's old bus to throw them under.

  6. Fashionable reactionary equivocation, a false equation of rights, and an attempt to stereotype: your man-god against his sky-god, my vote cancels your vote. Let’s stop politics from interfereing with religion.

    Most Christians never voted for the nominally religious party of the (neo~)right. In BC the South Asian diaspora is long invested in labour unionism and socialist activism. Modern Canadian voters don’t let religion confuse with politics.

  7. Hi JD...yes Tasha has her moments. And I only wish more of the Con stooges in our media would do more to expose the sneakiness of Andrew Scheer. If he wasn't a politician his wild claims about the Liberal tax plan would land him in jail for fraud. As I've said from the beginning he has the potential to be more dangerous than Harper, and progressives need to start hitting back at those filthy Cons before they fool more dumb Canadians....

  8. e.a.f.12:37 AM

    OMG, that is funny. Scheer wanting an anti choice person as the chair of the committee. He needs to understand choice is a fact of life in Canada and that isn't going to change. Now perhaps he feels emboldened by the antics of the Republican thugs in the U.S.A. and their quest to control women's bodies, but this is Canada.

    Scheer is so yesterday.