Sunday, October 01, 2017

Andrew Scheer and the Neo Nazi Invasion

As we all know, Andrew Scheer likes to claim that he's a godly man, with a "positive" message for Canadians, or Conadians.

And not long ago he asked those Conadians what issues they would like him to focus on when Parliament returned.

And although one might think that they had told him to focus on his phony tax scam, judging by the amount of foam pouring out of his pie hole. 

It seems that the creepy Scheer has decided to split the difference.

And bring back the bigotry that has come to define his ugly party.

We saw it bubbling like a decomposing corpse during the Con leadership campaign.

We saw some like Kellie Leitch make xenophobia the main plank in her campaign coffin.

While the Con death machine hammered out the message that immigrants (Muslims) were invading us.

And Scheer sat on the grubby greaser Ezra Levant's lap and helped legitimize his ugly message.

While spreading his own anti-immigrant poison...

Like only a creepy bigot could.

Well now we're reaping the consequences of all that hate, and we ARE being invaded.

Not by immigrants and refugees, but by neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

A standoff between far-right groups and anti-fascist protesters along the Canadian side of the U.S. border forced police to temporarily shut down the crossing near St-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Que., on Saturday. 

A separate anti-illegal immigrant rally on Parliament Hill, held amid heightened concerns about the arrival of asylum seekers, also provoked a handful of skirmishes, as riot police stepped in to prevent physical violence.

And Trudeau haters...

For if you ever wondered what Trudeau haters look like, including some of the ones who claim to be "progressive."

Well now you know, and aren't they pretty?

You know, in his new book Michael Adams asks whether what's happening in the U.S. and other places could happen here. 

“Could it,” we ask ourselves in dog parks, at dinner parties, or in the stands of local hockey arenas, “happen here?”

Will we “catch Trumpism” — that storm of angry, isolationist and frequently nativist populism that has swept through not only the United States but also the United Kingdom in the Brexit era, Germany, France, Hungary, Poland and even redoubts of progressivism like the Netherlands?

And seems to conclude it won't.

One important answer to this question is, “Of course it can happen here!” You needn’t look too far into the history books to find examples of societies that abruptly pivoted away from rights, democratic governance and religious tolerance. Sometimes, plain old bad luck intervenes and changes the course of the plot. 

But countries that have managed — either by intention or good fortune — to foster social resilience, reduce inequality and provide collective tax-supported government insurance against ill health or unemployment are more likely to be able to withstand the clarion calls from the Trumps of this world. Canada, as it turns out, is one such nation, although not the only one.

But I think he's wrong.

I think Trump's bigot zombies are already here...

And if we don't destroy them, and sooner rather than later,

They will poison Canadians.

And they will destroy this country....


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  2. Anonymous11:38 AM

    We don't want Muslims and refugees cuz they try to murder us at CFL games. They will destroy our country you fools.

    1. Then let's get rid of the CFL.

    2. Anonymous4:21 PM

      Agree Rideau. Canada doesn't need two gladiator sports. Hockey is already the national religion. Anon troll provides no evidence to his claim. The worst terrorist attack in Justin's term was the Quebecer equivalent of Dylan Roof. If he wants to find the real threat to Canada's security, he should be looking under his bed for another La Meute member or Ezra Levant hiding in the closet.

    3. Anonymous4:37 PM


    4. hi anon 11:38...what on earth are you talking about? What makes right-wingers such scaredy cats? You are a fool, and a bigot...

    5. Anonymous11:11 AM

      Read the news Simon. Did you hear about the terrorist attack in Edmonton or have you stuck your head in the sand again?

    6. Anonymous9:07 PM

      One person idiot, not a bunch of muslims. More muslims have been killed in terrorist attacks in Canada than people killed by muslims in terrorist attacks. Let that sink through your thick skull anon 11:11. Did you hear about the shooting in Las Vegas by a good white Christian American?

      mr perfect

    7. Anonymous12:10 AM

      Why not just put your name underneath? xD
      My pronouns are Toodum-bo
      I love the horribly bad memes, like that was the intention right terribly bad memes.
      Nobody can replace God Emperor Trump (its not Jesus, why would we parody Christianity?)
      We have a fairly decent immigration system, however overtaxing the system by encouraging people to come in, legally or illegally will reduce the amount of money Canada can spend on other services.
      Omar Khadr's applying for passport, why not Justin He just wants to visit that lovely kingdom that threatened Canada after Justin made the right call on Saudi Arabia's treatment of journalist.
      India trip.
      Everything I dont like is racist.

      Also, it is quite amusing to watch progressives mock and castigate Christians, but defend Islam. Islam believes basically the same things about your dear causes like LGBT, abortion, sex before marriage, women.

      But when you conflate race and culture you will have cries of racism to follow quickly.

  3. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Oh my god anon 11:32/11:38! Check your closet, a muslim might be hiding in it waiting to get you! Johny Jihad is hiding under your bed ready to pounce! Quick! Lock yourself in your house, barricade yourself in to protect yourself from the hoards of terrorists coming to kill you! Of course you'll be dead in 4 months from starvation since you're not intelligent enough to store food for your muslim apocalypse. Darwin's theory of evolution.

    mr perfect

    1. Anonymous4:19 PM

      Dippers just elected Singh, to no one's surprise. They better not siphon oxygen from the Liberals again or Scheer's dystopian wet dream has a chance of becoming a reality. "Because it's 1972."

    2. Anonymous1:27 AM

      Oh the left vote will be split all right. Watching it happen will be good times!

    3. hi mr perfect...good one. Right wingers on the wrong side of history AND evolution...

    4. Anonymous12:30 PM

      And here I thought 11:32/11:38 were Poe trolls. C'mon there's no way 11:38 is a serious post! People can't be that dumb, right?

  4. Anonymous2:24 PM

    And your blind progressive rhetoric is RADICALIZING people on the right. Keep pushing and see what happens.

    1. Anonymous5:41 PM

      Wow, acting like a decent human being is progressive. Call me a commie and paint me red then. And yet we've got purity ponies who think JT is worse than Harper because he didn't wave his magic wand and give everyone an abundant weed garden on day 1.

      If the selfish, hateful Reichwing is radicalized because they can't stand that desperate people who are victims of a civil war (and a hornet's nest in the desert being kicked by the equally selfish American Republicans) are being given shelter in a welcoming and forgiving country by a leader with a genuinely good heart, then they deserve to be labeled as terrorists. Need I remind you again that ZERO "Islamist" attacks have happened under Trudeau's watch? You want to find the enemy? Go look in the mirror. The name "Walt Kelly" comes to mind, look him up. Cartoonist of "Pogo."

      The right is wrong, and does NOT speak for all of Canada or even most of Canada. The numbers in their favor are anywhere between a third to half of the United States, but the future belongs to the young and the coalition of the ascendant and they will NOT stand for Scheer, Harper, or Trump's bigotry and closed-mindedness or that of their acolytes. Go back under your bridge and beat off to the Protocols or whatever it is cons do in their spare time. Stay away from decent Canadian people, especially visible minorities and newcomers, and stay away from the leader of the free world whose name is Justin-Pierre James Trudeau.

    2. Anonymous3:04 AM

      Nazis were defeated in WWII. Wanna be Nazis will be defeated in Canada.

      mr perfect

    3. hi anon 2:24...Is that supposed to be a threat? My blind progressive rhetoric is radicalizing people on the right? And to think I thought that right-wingers were already radicalized. Trust me, unlike you squawking chickens I don't live in fear. Also, we are more than you, we are better than you, and we will defeat you....

    4. hi anon 5:41... The not very bright right-wingers can't seem to understand that Canada and the United States were built by immigrants and refugees. My Scottish ancestors were driven across the Atlantic by rich lairds who cleared their highland estates so they could raise more sheep. The Irish were driven here by hunger, and just like modern refugees had to endure the most disgusting bigotry. And so it goes.
      That's the history of North America and what has made it such a vibrant place. The right-wingers are betraying our heritage, and would turn our country into a police state, but we are not afraid, and they will not succeed...

  5. Anonymous3:28 PM

    How can this be? Has Canada caught a case of collective amnesia? Adolf Harper presided over the Toronto 18 and Parliament Hill shootings. Justin Trudeau has presided over a whopping grand total of ZERO "Islamist" terror attacks. In fact, the most serious terrorist attack was by a white supremacist in Québec who KILLED SIX INNOCENT MUSLIMS at their mosque during Friday prayers. He pulled the Canadian equivalent of the Charleston black-church shooting because he had been radicalized by videos of the American version of Abu Baghdadi, Donald J. Trump!

    Justin's father was applauded for standing up to domestic terrorists in 1970 as his son deserves to be now. No doubt Pierre encountered opposition to taking in American draft-resisters from the Vietnam war and also the Southeast Asian "boat people" later on. The fearmongering proved to be a bust then as it will today, as the refugees from 40 years ago went on to contribute mightily to the growing family of Canadian society. But, I see there are already a few haters posting to this article, Simon. All I can ask is that they look in their hearts (if they have any), and look up the picture of tiny little Justin-Trudeau Adam Bilal, the newborn son of a Syrian refugee woman who approached the prime minister at the Calgary Stampede to thank him for saving her life -- and by extension, that of her baby boy.

    I am not religious myself either Simon, but that scene is almost Biblical. A woman in a veil handing over her sleeping child to a man, himself born on December 25, who let her family take shelter when everyone else said "no room at the inn." I do have an image in mind that there might very well be a place where, like Justin at the Pearson airport eagerly awaiting the arrival of Syrian newcomers, Michel and Pierre are standing in welcome to 3-year-old Alan Kurdi. We're all familiar now with the little boy who drowned en route to Europe and didn't make it to Canada to join the rest of his family, but whose heartbreaking story influenced the 2015 election and revealed Harper's party for the cold haters they truly are. If anyone is guilty of barbaric practices it's the Conservatives, not Khadr and certainly not these other two little children.

    Scheer can therefore be likened to King Herod calling for the heads of all the baby Justin Trudeaus who stand in the way of his mission to reign as a tyrant from the throne. He is no better than Trump calling for all the Guatemalan children named Jesús to be deported, as he ignores the plight of more of them in the apocalyptic scene of Puerto Rico in the aftermath of... Hurricanes José y Maria. One shudders to imagine a devil's bargain between the two grinning sociopaths. "Let the hate flow through you" is the motto of the right-wing Sith.

    The Conservatives and the G.O.P. both claim to be the party of "values" and the moral high ground. All I see is a bunch of hypocrites taking cover in their marble-floored mansions and shutting their doors and hearts (or lack thereof) to the poor, the sick and the foreigner. Shame on Scheer and shame on Trump. There's a rubber room in hell for both of them, and for the deplorable ilk rooting them on. But there's a place in the stars for Justin and those who follow his example.

    1. hi anon 3:28...very nice comment. I've been flooded by hateful reactions to this post, so your decent and enlightened comment is welcome indeed. The Cons and the Trumpists lack the ability to inspire people to look forward to a better future. All they can do is try to scare people and use that fear for their own miserable purposes. It works, as it has throughout human history, but only for a short time. And the future still belongs to us...

    2. Anonymous11:21 AM

      Here's Trudeau's first Islamic terrorist attack then smarty pants.

    3. Anonymous9:09 PM

      So why don't you move to America where you can be mowed down by a white man supported by the NRA and Donald Trump?

      mr perfect

    4. Anonymous12:34 PM

      Seriously Simon 9:19! What's with all the crazy-ass wingers coming out of the woodwork for this post? Don't let them get to you. They're loud because they're wrong-headed, outnumbered and under threat of extinction.

    5. Hi anon...I don't know why the crazy right-wingers are so stirred up and coming at me like the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz, but don't worry they won't get to me. I don't have Dorothy's magic red slippers, but I have the delete button I just have to press and the crazies fall out of the sky... ;)

  6. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Racist scum, please move to Russia. It is CLEAR to all of us that you prefer an impoverished and hyper nationalistic country to our peaceful and prosperous paradise on earth. Fuck off immediately.

  7. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Why don't we just cut to the chase and call these ReformaCons exactly what they are, closet dwelling alt-right scum. They like to stoke the ugly fires that burn in this country then sit back and go "who me?"
    They are trying to turn this country into Trumpland so it's time to take off the gloves and fight for our Canada.

    1. hi JD...I thought I had been calling them "closet dwelling alt-right scum." ;) But yes, those hideous Cons are trying to turn our country into Trumpland. They're coming out of the woodwork like roaches. They are betraying our Canadian values, and if we want to keep them we will have to fight for them...


    I had to delete eight comments today because they were racist, ageist, too violent and too vulgar. I don't mind forceful criticism of myself or other commenters, but please keep your comments decent or they will be deleted on arrival. Thank you.

    1. hi anon 4:38...They don't have to move to Russia. All they've got to do is wait a while, and move to Jason Kenney's Alberta....

  9. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Go Libs!

  10. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Don't worry, Justin will save us.