Sunday, October 02, 2011

Tim Hudak Plays the Homophobia Card

Well I see the Con teabagger Tim Hudak is so desperate he is hauling out the homophobia card.

Just as I told you last night.

Today The Sun runs the disgusting McVety ad. So now ask yourself is this an isolated incident, or part of an organized smear campaign?

And remember, they may be going after McGuinty Liberals. But the people they are hurting the most are bullied gay kids.

The miserable cowards.

Oh boy. It takes all kinds of people to make a world.

But only a Con could be so loathsome...


h/t Queer Liberal


  1. The Globe and Mail endorsed the liberals this eveining.

  2. Have you seen this campaign flyer yet? Courtesy of PC Candidate Ben Shenouda in Brampton West, and approved by the PC Party.

  3. What is truly disturbing here is that Hudak and the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party seem to believe that sexual orientation is something that can be learned in elementary school -- and their ain't no distance at all between believing that something that is learned can be unlearned.

  4. hi Annie...well that's a pleasant surprise. After the way they slobbered all over the Harper Cons, I was expecting the worst. But maybe Hudak was just too low for even them...

  5. hi MaryJane...yes I have. It's absolutely disgusting and as I pointed out, it looks as if it was designed by McVety himself. How any decent person could vote for Hudak after that is simply unbelievable....

  6. hi're absolutely right. But then why should we be surprised? These people have no respect for science or biology and think that as long as you believe it it's true. Which after all is the problem of religion, the believers following the deluded into The Abyss, and taking the rest of us with them...