Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rob Ford's Horrible Halloween

Oh no. I'm sorry to report that Mayor Rob Ford is having a horrible Halloween. First he was terrorized by a 59-year-old comedian in a Princess Warrior costume.

Then he called 911. And ran for his life drove to the office. Before the police arrived.

Then he put on his halloween costume, but people were STILL scared of him.

Then he forgot to ask his family business to engrave "I'm the f***ing Mayor of Toronto" on his fancy business card.

Then a well known city columnist called him Toronto's C-Lo Green.

We have known all along what he is like.

He flips the bird at citizens when he talks on his cell in his truck. He called one of his council mates a snake and a weasel. He said another was a waste of skin.

He spewed drunken profanity, and drunken inanity, at a couple of fans at a Leafs’ game, and then he denied having been at the game, and then he retracted his denial.

And now the whole world is watching. And laughing their asses off.


Of course I don't really agree with Olbermann. To be a really Worst Person you have to be at least half intelligent. And Ford isn't. He just does what his brother Doug tells him.

But please don't tell the Americans that. Because if they find out Toronto is being run by an idiot AND his brother, they'll NEVER come and visit us.

And as for C-Lo Green ...I can only imagine what he's going to say when he hears he's been compared to Rob Ford...

And who can blame him eh?

Gawd. Could this story get any worse, or more embarrassing?

What? You've got to be kidding me.

You KNOW it will...

Try fooling yourself into thinking it's just a nightmare. I find it helps.

The nightmare that never ends. Or the gift that keeps on giving.

Happy Halloween everybody....


  1. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Maybe it's time for a countdown clock to the next election or his removal from office and a running tally of his gaffes. The gaffes alone would fill a separate blog--just like there was one for Mike Harris.

    Take consolation that Kerouac, your best canine friend, helps keep you from being driven round the bend. Nothing like a faithful dog to keep a human grounded.

  2. hi Torontonian...yes I like the idea of a countdown clock. I think it might be what I need to lift my spirits, staring at it for hours on end, watching the seconds tick away. Of course I'll have to have one for Harper too. ;)
    And yes my faithful doggie keeps me grounded, along with my other two-footed pet.
    And the great thing is that Kerouac, when he's not chasing squirrels, hates Ford as much as I do... :)

  3. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Now he's been handed another get out of jail card by the City's chief of police. By not charging him with various offences as seen on tape in the news, the police have lost their advantage in pursuing this matter through the courts. Public drinking and public urination?! Come on! That wasn't enough to roll him over and stop the vehicle? Mysterious bag drops into his vehicle by a known drug dealer? Planet Ford, a.k.a. Toronto.