Saturday, October 01, 2011

Tim Hudak, The Bloater, and the Dirty Game

Gawd. It's a horrible thought eh? But when I think about the homophobic porker Charles "Bloater" McVety these days, I can't help thinking of the Con teabagger Tim "Hoo Hoo" Hudak.

Because after reading McVety's grotesque ad in the National Post.

And watching this truly perverted video...

And then reading this.

I can't help feeling that Hudak's and McVety's messages are eerily similar. And that the timing is rather suspicious.

And then when I see how the right-wingers at The Sun are beating this dirty drum.

Rev. Charles McVety, president of Canada Christian College, said he knows exactly what all this means.

“Despite parents rising up against the attempts to indoctrinate and teach children as young as in Grade 3 about their sexual behaviour, and the six genders they can choose from,” he said. “There is obviously an agenda and Wynne is being very honest that if they win, the Liberals will see it as a mandate to bring back their sex curriculum.”

I can't help feeling that somebody is reading from The Con Playbook of Dirty Tricks.

And it reminds me what happened just before the Toronto election that brought the Con hog Rob Ford to power. An anti-gay ad appeared on a Toronto radio station. Remember?

Although everybody condemned it, the flap served to remind voters that Smitherman was gay, to the benefit of Ford. Just like the McVety ad controversy serves to dredge up the old demon homophobia, for the benefit of Hudak. don't think anybody has asked Hudak why he is echoing McVety's message? Golly I hope so. Because if I was an NDP or Liberal strategist, I would try to paste Hudak's icy blue lips to McVety's bigot ass.... with Krazy Glue.

Of course maybe it's just a coincidence. Or maybe I'm just paranoid eh? But an old feminist once told me that in dark times paranoia is a higher state of consciousness. And I believe her.

So I think the people of Ontario need to know that not only does  Hoo Hoo want to put chain gangs of dangerous criminals in our neighbourhoods. So they can escape and kill or rape children.

Not only is he one of the three Con Stooges of the Apocalypse...

He's also in bed with the bigot McVety. The piggy.

Yup. If the Cons want to play the dirty game.

I say PORK them...

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