Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Con Blues, the Snowflakes, and Harper Girl

It was only 11 degrees today. The leaves are still green. But in my neighbourhood the signs are turning orange.

Which normally would be enough to cheer me up. Because orange is the colour of hope eh? But I guess like a lot of progressives I've got a case of the Con Blues, and I'm feeling a bit down.

After seeing what the Harper Cons have been up to since Parliament came back. Smothering debate over a reactionary crime bill. Taking fancy jet flights, and making us pay for them. Flashing golden business cards like pimps.

Burying the census.

Stinking us out with the stench of corruption...

I can't help thinking if they've done all that in two weeks, what are they going to do to this country in four long years?

So I was glad to read Kev's sweet little story.

Because it gives me hope that sooner or later their crimes against democracy and Canada will break the branch the Cons are perched on, and bring them down with a bump. So we can sweep them into the garbage can of history, where they belong.

And then I thought I should try to cheer up progressives, and remind them that resistance may be a duty, but it can also be fun.

As it was before The Great Darkness...

And will be once again.

Golly. I MUST get me one of those Obey Harpdaddy posters, and a pair of those rabbit ears !!!!

The snowflakes WILL break the branch.

Laughter is the best medicine.

And the future still belongs to us...

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Kev said...

Hi Simon yes laughter is the best medicine and our Miss Ruby dispenses it in massive doses, one of our hidden treasures in my mind