Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Missing Women and the Ugly Truth

I'm glad the inquiry into the case of Vancouver's missing women has finally begun.

But this makes me so angry.

Because it only makes worse the ugly truth at the heart of this tragedy.

The fact that the killing went on for so long because city officials and the police didn't care enough about the missing women, because they were aboriginal, poor, and marginalized.

So their voices, and the voices of those who loved them, fell on deaf ears.

Women like the beautiful and gentle Sarah de Vries were treated as less than human...

And went like lambs to the slaughter.

Robert Pickton was the bestial murderer, but as I once wrote, indifference was his accomplice, and that was the other horror of the pig farm massacre.

Yes. The ugly truth was known long before this inquiry even started. But it can't be repeated enough.

And ALL voices must be heard.

So the whole country can hear the message.

So those poor murdered women can finally rest in peace.

So it never happens again...


  1. Anonymous2:20 PM

    BC is a totally lawless and the most corrupt province in Canada. There is not one service, or government institution in BC that isn't corrupt.

    Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of our BCR trial, was laughable. Tried in a corrupt court. Presided over by a corrupt judge who, ignored brain dead witnesses. The atrocities of the crimes of the police...Swept under the carpets, by the judges. DUI charges on the politicians, police, or the elite...A special prosecutor is just a phone call away, to get them off of their criminal charges. Elections BC is corrupt. Gordon Campbell is absolutely disgustingly corrupt. The media are, just a propaganda machine for governments.

    This country is in, very terrible and evil times. Do no expect anything good from, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals nor Harper.

    Harper has no use for the First Nations people what-so-ever. The corrupt judicial system in BC, has now decreed, Harper does not have to consult the F.N. on the environmental, atrocities of the Enbridge pipeline or the dirty oil tankers from China.

    Canada is now a fascist, dictatorship regime. Other country's have done articles, of how badly Harper has eroded democracy in Canada. Harper was a member of the Northern Foundation and the Reform Party in 1989. They were affiliated with the skinheads. He is a neo-Nazi. Campbell is Harper's favorite henchman.

    There is a very good web site called, Let Freedom Rain. Both Harper and Campbell fit the profile of dictators, right to the nth degree.

  2. hi anonymous...I don't know much about politics in British Columbia, except that it is beautiful place.
    And I have never called the Harper Cons neo-nazis.
    But what I do know is that they are rabid right-wing ideologues who are flirting with fascism, and that Canada will be a much better place the day they are defeated.
    Won't that be a beautiful day?

    1. Anonymous4:37 PM

      Baby raper elites protect low level baby rapers which is why Vancouver is in top three cities in the world for its meat market in children