Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Cons and the Ozone Layer

There comes a time when you just have to say it eh? Stephen Harper's Cons are not just crass, brutish and incompetent. They're dangerous.

The hole covered two million square kilometres — about twice the size of Ontario — and allowed high levels of harmful ultraviolet radiation to hit large swaths of northern Canada, Europe and Russia this spring, the 29 scientists say.

The discovery of the “unprecedented” hole comes as the Canadian government is moving to cut its ozone monitoring network.

Environment Canada scientist David Tarasick, whose team played a key role in the report published Sunday in the journal Nature, is not being allowed to discuss the discovery with the media.

They destroyed the census for no sane reason. They're torching the planet. They're ignoring scientists and other experts. And going after invisible criminals.

Organize, unite, take to the streets. Try to limit the damage before the blessed day arrives when we can drive those Con crazies from power.

Before they turn us into some kind of Planet of the Apes.

Or look even more RIDICULOUS...

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