Friday, May 16, 2008

California's Great Gay Marriage Victory

The California Supreme Court's decision to allow gay marriage.

As experienced by two women in love....

Wow. Wasn't that special?

Naturally the foul anti-gay bigots are howling like banshees. And vowing to turn back the clock in November....again.

But when they are up against our LOVE what chance does their HATE have?

They try so hard to destroy our lives, but those creepy ju ju monkeys are only destroying kamikaze klowns. Or the poopy Pope.

To all my brothers and sisters in the Golden State.... the sound of gay freedom never sounded so wonderful and so LOUD.

From Simon and S├ębastien..... in love...... in Canada.

Congratulations ...way to go California!!

You made us all proud...


P.S. I'm warning my friends to FORGET about using this great victory to try to pressure me into getting hitched. As they just love to do.

My almost unshakeable position is that I'm not getting married until everyone can.

And that might take a while....

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