Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blogging, Boobs, and the Man Who Didn't Fall to Earth

Sometimes being a mime can be a lonely job. Just like being a blogger. Especially if you're a gay one in Canada.. So I thought I should take a timeout. And give myself a well deserved pat on the back.

First of all for nailing this story.

From its tawdry its sensational climax.

So I didn't have to backtrack furiously like so many other bloggers who had casually shrugged off the story. Chuff Chuff Chuff. Full steam REVERSE !!!!! I know what I'm talking about .......REALLY!!!!

All I had to say was I told you so.

Oh yes....and also that for me the story had NOTHING to do with what Julie Couillard looks like ....or the size of her some bloggers seem to suggest.

You can trust me with that one. I didn't even notice them. Are they REALLY that large?

For me it was all about some really bad choices, during a motorcycle gang war that terrorised the city I lived in, bombs, piles of corpses, the death of a poor kid named Daniel Desrochers, some rotten judgement by a powerful but incompetent Con Minister, and of course a question of national security.

But never mind. Because I also want to claim credit for nailing another story.... or foreshadowing it. The story of the man who DIDN'T fall to earth over Saskatchewan.

Or as I feared....hit a wingnut....or dig a nasty big hole in a wheat field.

But seriously... how come I appear to be the ONLY person to suggest that the Big Jump seemed a little reckless and ..... um.....amateurish.

Apart from his rival.

"I think if he had launched he would have seriously injured himself or gotten killed,"It's a nightmare to launch a balloon of that size.....I just look at it and think, 'This guy hasn't really thought this out.' "

Talk about being saved by the balloon. Eh?

Or for that matter how come I was the ONLY hoser to wonder why if French authorities deemed the stunt too dangerous to allow him to jump over France....why was it safe for him to jump over Saskatchewan?

Wait. Don't tell me. I think I can guess.

Either I'm really brilliant.

Or a lot of people are really DUM....


P.S. Did any of those geniuses who thought that the Max and Julie scandal wasn't a story....check out Stephen Harper's pale shrunken face yesterday ?

Because THIS is what it's all about....


Dr.Dawg said...

You may have misread me, Simon. My post was about how Couillard was not the story. She's been shoehorned into a common-or-garden instance of ministerial incompetence because of her looks.

Simon said...

Hi Dr Dawg...maybe I did. I probably should have chosen a better example. But the other ones were too vulgar. I just wanted to have a little fun with the concept that my interest in the story could be motivated by any attraction for Julie Couillard...or any feelings of prudery. I wa even going to admit that I find Maxime rather attractive...for a male bimbo. But I chickened out of that one :)
I guess what I was really trying to say is that although I blame Bernier for my opinion his lack of judgement extended to dating Couillard. Again not because I want to portray her as some kind of Scarlet Woman. But because she was hanging out with biker criminals at a time when the city I was living in was terrorized by a gang war.I'm willing to forgive most youthful mistakes...but hanging out with those kind of people at THAT time isn't one of them.
I certainly didn't mean to criticize you since as I think I told you before I admire your blog a lot...