Sunday, May 11, 2008

Grey's Anatomy and the Real Gay Kiss

Last month I wrote a post about the awesome power of a gay kiss. And it's amazing ability to turn reasonable people into absurd homophobes, and religious wingnuts into rabid dogs.

Now another major development in the Kissing War.

Grey's Anatomy just featured a story about two gay soldiers trying to kiss and not tell.

As one of them prepares for brain surgery....

Well at least it was a REAL kiss. Because it's all down hill after that.

As the soldier is wheeled to the operating room he passes his lover waiting in the corridor.

But because the evil dad and an officer are nearby, and they both love being soldiers so much, all the two lovers can do is look into each others eyes.

Which is sad because of course after that steamy kiss one of the gay guys HAS to die. And does.... on the operating table.

But at least his lover gets to kiss him again....this time in the morgue. On his cold dead lips. Yikes. Fade to black. Chalk up another victory in the kissing wars. Does it count as TWO.... or just one and a half?

Of course I'm sure the morality tale death didn't stop the rabid wingnuts from howling in disgust. Writing kooky letters to show sponsors and studio executives....and beating their chests with their hairy paws.

But who cares because we're on a roll. Call it a spring offensive.

Spring means romance, also for gay characters on TV; First Luke kissed Noah on As The World Turns, then two gay soldiers lip locked on Grey's Anatomy, and soon there will be an interracial gay kiss on ABC Family's college drama Greek.

Isn't that great ? But isn't it sad that we have to make a big deal out of something so beautiful ..... that should be so ordinary ? Isn't it humiliating? Doesn't it make you CRAZY ?

Gay in the 21st Century.

Reclaiming our humanity.

One kiss at a time...


P.S. If you want to watch the whole sad can sob along here.


Queers United said...

You think it makes people into homophobes? I think it is desensitizing and people see oh its not such a bad thing.

Simon said...

Hi QU !! no I don't think it makes people into homophobes. I think it brings out a hidden visceral homophobia in all kinds of straight people...even those you would think know better. But I certainly don't mean to suggest that should prevent us in any way from doing what the fuck we like. On the contrary it's practically an incitement to smooch :)
I'm just frustrated that we have to make a big deal about something that should be, as I said, beautiful and normal.
It sure is a krazy world....