Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sandra Buckler and the Flowering Cactus

Well I see the inhabitants of the right-wing blogging nutosphere are biting their tails off over this Elizabeth Thompson post.

And all over her choice of flowers to send to the Con Minister of Disinformation and Propaganda Sandra "Bucky" Buckler.

The press gallery is sending flowers - although a flowering cactus might be more appropriate given Ms. Buckler's prickly relations with most members of the fourth estate on the Hill.

The frenzy is so fevered even the dumbo Con blogger Dr Roy has thrown his bovine bulk into the calling her editor.

I have spoken to Brassard before about some of the editing of my numerous letters to the editor.

I said that I was disappointed that The Montreal Gazette would hire someone with such poor moral character. I said that Thompson needed to offer a real apology.

I spent about 10 minutes politely expressing my disgust with Thompson.It is clear that the Managing editor is taking this very seriously. I expect an abject apology from this biased reporter.

OMFG. Now I feel sorry for Buckler, Thompson AND that poor editor.

You know I have this recurring nightmare. I'm lying on an operating table and I look up and see Dr Roy with a scalpel in his hand. And he says to me " You lousy Lieberal will you accept HM PM Stephen Harper as your One and Only Great Leader....and his Blessed Blessedness Lord Jesus Christ as your Heavenly Saviour ...... before I make the first cut?"

And that's when I wake up screaming.

But having to listen to that moronic, pompous Con blabbermouth for TEN neverending minutes .....or read his NUMEROUS letters to the editor.....must be even WORSE.

Especially when you have to painfully stifle the natural urge to say something like: "Why don't you go stuff yourself you boring cretinous fat FUCK? Didn't anybody tell you NOBODY gives a shit about what you have to say about ANYTHING? And I don't either. "

Uh oh..... I have a feeling the boss is going to make poor old Elizabeth PAY for that.

As for Sandra Buckler, after what she has done to attack press freedom , and help turn our country into a sinister Third World Banana Republic, I also think Thompson is guilty of sending Bucky the wrong kind of flowers.

I would have sent her a bouquet of these....

Along with a jar full of flies. So she can feed her monstrous plant. Like she feeds her Bullshit Machine.

Or amuse herself by pretending the buzzing insects are reporters.... and pulling their wings off.

Get well soon Bucky.

But please don't hurry back....


P.S. Elizabeth Thompson apologizes ....... profusely.

For the flowering cactus.

All but promises to sit on it.

Only in Canada.

Or Ottawa.


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