Friday, May 09, 2008

The Minister and the Biker Chick

I've got to give Julie Couillard full marks for having the nerve to turn up for a stuffy cabinet swearing in ceremony dressed as a biker chick.

And of course when she really was a biker chick.....for having the guts to marry another biker so soon after her last boyfriend was murdered by the Hells Angels.

What I can't forgive her for though is going for a spin with the Con bimbo Maxime "Dim Bulb" Bernier.

When EVERYONE in Quebec knows he's so dum he probably can't even ride a bicycle.

Although it turns out he's lucky he had her at his side to tell him what to do.

Couillard, 38, accompanied Bernier to a cabinet swearing-in ceremony, to his speech at the United Nations General Assembly, and government insiders say she frequently gave him political advice.

And try to keep him under control.

Or who knows how many other idiot mistakes he would have made.

And BTW what DID she and Max talk about with Public Security Minister Stockwell Day at that dinner at Hy's in late March ? Not tattoos I hope.

The whole thing would be hilarious if I hadn't lived through the bloody Biker Wars in Montreal. When the Hells Angels and the Rock Machine terrorized the city by killing each other by the dozen.

And if I hadn't heard the sound of the biker bomb that killed 12-year-old Daniel Desrochers by mistake he played on the street in one of Montreal's poorest neighbourhoods.

He hung on for four days with a piece of shrapnel in his brain.

And all of this at the same time as Julie Couillard was living with a bigshot Hells Angel. And denouncing the anti-biker gang squad for busting them in their bedroom, in the pages of the lurid tabloid Allo Police.

I know she has never been convicted of any crime. But Maxime Bernier really should have known better.

You know there is a marvellous Montreal slang name for the underworld: le monde interlope.

Which always sounds to my squarehead anglo ears like flop, plop, or slippery slope.

If Harper and his Con gang were thinking of posing as crime fighters in the next election.

Dim Bulb Bernier just made it a lot harder....

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RossK said...

Thanks Simon,

Most insightful (maybe the only insightful) piece I've read on this subject.