Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Minister and the Biker Chick: Part Two

Uh looks as if the story of the Minister and the (former) Biker Chick has just taken another bizarre turn.

As if Julie Couillard's soft spot for criminals wasn't bad enough.

Now Quebec's most powerful media chain is threatening to sue a reporter from La Presse, for allegedly suggesting that their trashy tabloids fuzzed out her picture to please their boss.

Who just happens to be a good friend of Max Bernier.

The Deux Maudit Anglais have the story and the hoggy irony.

In blurring Mme. Couillard’s face, the province’s reigning crime, bikers and boobies tabloid self-censored itself on a story about crime, bikers and boobies. The irony is so fat and sweaty it could ride around on a Harley.

Elizabeth Thompson adds some details. And reminds us that Max has some powerful friends.

Like these.

Hmmm.... I wonder if that's why Stephen Harper is afraid to fire him?

Weak, weak, NOT a leader. Just another WIMP.

Or another busy-body.

The bottom line: with her access to government and her background Julie Couillard SHOULD have been checked out.

The Hells Angels are a sophisticated criminal organization that is always looking for information to use against their enemies. Money is money, but information is gold. In some small Quebec towns they send anonymous letters to cops, with pictures of the officer's children, their nicknames and birth dates.

Imagine what they could do with an MP ..... or a Minister.....or a government?

BTW call me stoopid but I STILL can't figure out why a swinging couple would have dinner at Hy's in late March with of all people Stockwell Day. Doris may be the Public Security Minister but he's sooooooo boring. What on earth did they talk about ? How Jebesus rode a dinosaur instead of a Harley?

Look I'm sure Julie is on the level. Just likes a little rough trade now and then. But then who doesn't ? And I have to admit the way she ran the Department of Foreign Affairs was simply awesome.

But I'm worried about Max. Just a few weeks ago he apparently had four or five framed pictures of the (former) biker babe in his office.

And now it's OVER?

Really? Isn't life cruel?

And now this high profile suit threatens to make it an even BIGGER story in Quebec...where it can hurt the Cons the most.

Isn't that AWFUL?

Hit me with a tattoo. Or just pass the popcorn. Vroom...Vroom.

I can't WAIT for the next episode !!!!!

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