Monday, May 19, 2008

Hillary Clinton on Sunset Boulevard

I see Hillary Clinton is still refusing to accept that she has lost. And now she's blaming the media.

Just because SHE can't count.

"And you know all those people on TV who keep telling you and everybody else that this race is over and I should just be graceful and say ‘Oh, it's over,’ even though I’ve won more votes..."

Look, at this stage of the game, a little delusion can be a merciful thing. And I'm glad she's made "I Won’t Back Down" by Tom Petty her new campaign song. So Tom can remind everyone that there is no easy way out....when you're stood up at the Gates of Hell. Or the White House.

And people can feel sorry for her. Like I do.

But I wish she'd get the name of her movie right.

"You see all those folks on TV, they keep telling me to quit," she said. "Well, I don’t know, maybe I was just raised with the kind of values you were raised -– you don’t quit on people and you don’t quit until you finish what you started and you don't quit on America.

Because this isn't Brokeback Mountain...or the Duck Hunter.

It's looking more and more like Sunset Boulevard....

The only thing that remains to be determined is who will be found floating face down in the swimming pool.

Bill Clinton, James Carville.....or Barack Obama.

I was sorry when Sunset Boulevard ended. It's one of my favourite movies. William Holden was so hot. Norma Desmond was so crazy tragic. The script was so brilliant. It could have gone on forever.

But as for this ugly race-baiting, gender bashing, hope snuffing, cheap little horror flick.

The sooner it's over the better...


P.S. In me... you've never heard of that Tom Petty song ....

Oh no. How sad. Great song.

Bad video.

Wrong movie...

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