Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Search for Life on Mars...and Earth

Isn't it amazing that we'll soon know more about Mars and whether there is life on the Red Planet....

Than we do about these humans in the heart of the Amazon Jungle ?

Who look like they want to meet us about as much as the Martians do.

And who can blame them? I figure the witchdoctor is having a hard time explaining that Big Buzzard in the sky.

I wonder whether he's telling them it's a good omen. Or warning them it's the beginning of The End.

Unless they bring him a whole pile of monkey meat.....AND six luscious virgins.

Isn't religion ALWAYS like that?

Or are they just scared and confused?

Like the rest of us on Planet Earth.....

I don't know. But after what we've done to THEIR jungle.

I think we'd better leave them alone.

And take our chances with the Martians....

Have a great weekend everyone !

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