Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Sailing Life and the Herndon Climb

I was out sailing in the bay the other day....crewing for a friend.....for only the first time this season.

It's just been so bloody cold.

But now that the warm sun is back, and I can take off my shirt.

And let the lake breeze stimulate my tits ...instead of causing them to fall off.

I don't know why... but I suddenly remembered these other sailors...

And remembered that the legendary Herndon Climb had not been cancelled after all.

And to make things even MORE inspiring.

This year there's a video...

Oh boy.
Anchors away or Hail to the Chief !!!!

A part of me feels like saluting.

The boys are hurting. But The Republic is safe.

The mighty Greased Phallus.....I mean OBELISK of Power.

Has been successfully MOUNTED again....


P.S. Yikes. What am I saying?

Is it just me... or the breeze on my tits?

Or could it REALLY be Spring?


Anonymous said...

Dammit Simon, your taste in men drives me nuts. I can only wish for a good stiff breeze or something on my tits. I would salute those boys too, in my jeans. Or out.

This could be a sign I need to get out more. Oh man, it’s been a long winter.

Simon said...

Hi Bruce!! yeah yeah I know...this year's crop of plebes is a bit PUNY.
But how do you like my taste in BIRDS? :)
Have a great weekend !!!