Thursday, May 29, 2008

Stephen Harper's Nasty Obama Problem

As Great Shrunken Leader continues his farcical visit to Europe.

"The speech was really just a once-over-lightly about how beautiful Canada is," Boag said. "How many lakes and rivers and streams and mountains and forests and fields and so on [the country] has."

Where everyone thinks he's a boring Kyoto killing, death penalty supporting, pathetic Yankee stooge.

And Julie Couillard gets more press than he does.

According to Montreal-based media watchdog Influence Communication stories about Bernier and Couillard ran in 575 media outlets in 44 countries around the world during the first 48 hours.

It must be a really humiliating experience. But not as humiliating as it's going to be when Obama becomes President.

Because it looks as if someone in the PMO tried to sabotage Obama's campaign.

Multiple sources say the Canadian note questioning the Democrat frontrunner's public promise to reopen NAFTA was leaked from the Prime Minister's Office to a Republican contact before it made American headline news.

"This was a very deliberate piece of business for political purpose," one of the sources said. "It puts political ideology ahead of what's good for the country."

Playing with the truth to fool the Europeans....or protect an incompetent Minister caught with his briefs missing... just makes you a low life Con liar. Which is par for the course.

Fucking with the internal democratic business of a neighbour and biggest trading partner is playing with fire.

And we could ALL get burned.

But then Canadians shouldn't be surprised. This isn't the old Conservative Party. This is a hardline group of right-wing ideologues and fanatics. They come from places like the sinister Calgary School.

They belong to the same wacky right-wing societies.

They are Canada's Republicans and they hate the Democrats as much as they hate the Liberals. Just like they despise our liberal Canadian values, and would turn us into a capitalist jungle.

If they aren't stopped ....and soon .....Canada will be destroyed. If the Cons don't get us, President Obama will.

Oh yeah...just in case Harper and his gang of fanatics and neocon thugs are still clinging to the hope that the Republicans will win the next election....and make them all honorary Amerikans. For stabbing Obama in the back.

They should forget it.

The vultures are circling over the rotting carcass of this Con government.

And The Parrot has spoken...

Prrrrrrrrr... Pretty Polly.. Obama yes we CAN.

If I was Stephen Harper and his Republican Cons I'd be very very afraid......

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