Saturday, May 03, 2008

Lesbos and the Real Lesbians

Well one thing is for sure. When S├ębastien and I go on our next vacation we WON'T be going to Lesbos.

Not just because the sight of legions of lesbian pilgrims retracing the Via Pleasurosa of Sappho..... like Muslims visiting Mecca or Jews praying at the Wailing Wall ... would shock my gay AND atheist soul.

Or even because it would be too rowdy at night.

But because some people on that island seem to be moronic homophobes.

Dimitris Lambrou is tired of being called a lesbian.

He claims it is insulting to what he calls the proper Lesbians — the people of Lesvos. “We are suffering psychological and moral rape....”

Oh poor little geek. Give me a break. Maybe if he took that souvlaki out of his bigot ass he wouldn't feel so violated.

I mean it just doesn't make sense. The last time I counted there were 90,000 locals living on that sun baked rock.

As opposed to about 250-million lesbians all over the world all of them bound to visit the Temple of Sappho at least once in their lives. Or twice a year if they live in Britain.

Which means that if anyone is going to have to change their names it's not the gay gurlz's the islanders.

Because if they ever piss the REAL lesbians off they'll find themselves on all fours chomping on the scorched grass with the rest of their goats.

The obvious solution is for the local bigots to call themselves either Lesvians or Lesvosians.

Although I prefer Lesbozians. Because it's got bozo in it. Which is appropriate.

And once they have a little ouzo in them you can call them Lesbouzians which is even better.

Oh yeah for Dimitris' outrageous claim that Sappho didn't love women...I think we'll let Our Lady of the Real Lesbians answer that one....

It's no use
Mother dear,
I can't finish my weaving
You may blame Aphrodite
Soft as she is
she has almost killed me with love for that boy. ageless.

Just like homophobia.

What will they think of next?

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